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MysteryMan, Akardam, and Sid6.9 VS the Dark Lord Tridus

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

They are all gasping for breath now. But, they are very near the keep.

"You know, I can't really fight! I only watch the Death Matches..." Sid complains.

"Oh, do shut up," snaps Akardam. "If we do this, we'll save Riptide, and we will be heros forever!"

"C-mon...guys, when we get there, we ask nicely, then beat him up!" MysteryMan tells them.

"3 vs 1? That's cheap!" Sid exclaims.

"Yeah, but this is Tridus!"

"Oh, yeah..."

MysteryMan,Akardam, and Sid all stop at the entrance to the keep. "Tridus, listen up, 'cause this is the only time we're gonna say this! You disarm the bomb, restore the sunlight, and become good again or we'll make you!"

Tridus suddenly appears in front of them. "You dare challenger the Dark Lord," he ask them. "Ha! Take your best shot!"

Tridus jumps up into the air as the party rushes at him. He lands on Akardam's back. He punches Akardam in the back of the head, and Akardam attempts to throw him off, but it's useless.

Meanwhile, the other two were confused as to where Tridus vanished, so they turn around and see Tridus on Akardam's back. MysteryMan attempts to pull Tridus off Akardam, but he kicks him in the eye. Sid just looks frightened.

Tridus leaps into the air yet again. He lands on Akardam's head this time, and Akardam gasps. He throws Tridus off him, and holds his head, moaning.

MysteryMan runs at Tridus, who is momentarily caught of guard. He kicks him in the teeth. "How's it feel?"

Tridus screams and knocks MysteryMan over. He jumps on top of him, and punches him over and over. "Sid, help me here, damn it!" screams MysteryMan.

Sid is paralized with fright. "This would actually be cool if the Death Matches caught this," he thinks.

Tridus leaps off MysteryMan, who is knocked out. Akardam is still moaning over his head. Tridus starts to run towards Sid, as Sid backs away slowly...


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