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The response YOU'VE been waiting for! *Points to the camera.*

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-12 00:00:00

First off... you don't think there's enough quotes? There's 108 or so right now... thats not enough? There was FOUR in the Rubber Room, and I never saw you complain about a lack of quotes there. (none of them were very good either except 'undefined', but thats besides the point)

I realize that, but in my opinion, you can never have TOO many quotes. And the reason I never suggested anymore quotes for the Rubber Room was because I never had any suggestions for quotes, and because I didn't have any say over CWAL in any way, shape or form. Because I am so involved with Riptide, I just want to see it as best as it can be, and like I said, the more quotes, the merrier. I dunno, just my opinion. I figure that if you have 108 quotes in this forum right now, what harm is three more going to make? And for your big fat information, I know a lot of quotes in here that I don't like, so bleah! :P Hehe.

You probably think you know which one is coming next because you do, its not a random script, its sequential. Random isn't really truly random, you end up seeing certain ones a helluva lot more for whatever reason. So I don't do it that way.

Well, DUH! Hehehe. I already knew that the quote script wasn't random, and I do like it the way it is now, because as you said, random gives you the possibility of seeing certain quotes repeatedly while others are never seen. That's why I came up with the suggestion of changing up the order, just so it seems more random than it is now. It's also why I suggested adding more and more each time you get a hold of a new quote, because then the odds of you seeing one quote more than once gets further and further apart, making it really seem random.

As for specific quotes.. what can I say, I don't add *everything* I get sent. Just like I haven't started adding Prophecies from the WoT, no matter how cool some of them are.

I guess that's your agenda, but like I said, the reason it was annoying was because (a) there are at least a few people here that would like to see quotes from Fight Club, and (b) I went through tons and tons of quotes just to get the FOUR quotes I liked the best, and only one was used. I'm not really all that mad, but I didn't see the point of NOT adding them. What harm would it really cause? They're good quotes.

If you've gotten sick of it, there is always also the option of turning the quotes off.

Yeah, but then I'd have no quotes at all. :P

That's exactly what I want MORE of. MORE quotes! MOREMOREMORE!!!

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

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