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Staring at the Fire (Storyverse- long)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-05-12 00:00:00

Note, part of this takes place before sams story some after, I did it to preserve continuity. :) I hope you can follow along.
Staring at the Fire


>> MysteryMan's command ship, The bridge <<

MysteryMan stared intently at the holographic image that floated in front of his command platform. It seemed as a birds eye view of the city of Riptide, all rendered so realistically that it seemed that he was floating over the city. The illusion was broken, however, when he activated one of the tactical overlays flooding regions of the city with color-coding, that indicated what areas he controlled and what they had not explored or seized yet. Flicking another switch, tiny dots showed the locations of each and every one of his soldiers. He stood for a while watching his men carry out their orders to a tee, mindless of life and limb.

He blinked away a moment of care for those who had been recently killed in Psycho Sam's laboratory. While they were too few in number for the taking of an entire country or state, a city would be quite an easy target for his forces, he watched again as one of the last gray areas became blue, and his forces had taken the last uncontrolled area. He smiled, only the true founders of Riptide could give him any problem now.

He smiled and activated a countdown on his tactical computer. He then left the bridge to go down to the conference room to speak with his generals.

And the clock began to tick.

>> Riptide center. T -26 Hrs. 14 Min. <<

Sam whispered, "Ta ta! I'm going to get my ship fixed." He ran off toward his lab.

"What the heck is he doing?"

RStefan01 shrugged, "Let him go. I think we need to hear what kwerkey here has to say, something about his fault." He frowned.

The essence of worry passed through rRaminrodt's face, "Yeah, what did you mean?"

kwerkey didn't even look at him, "I didn't cause it. I just had something to do with his return, but I never thought it would be like this."

"Can you explain a little better?"

He gathered a deep breath, "Ok. A while back I moved here and set up as a PI, like I always did. Well a week or so the Police came to me to ask for a little help with investigating the murder of the President MysteryMan. I accepted the job and went to work, couple of weeks later, just before the bomb that blew up the old building went off I ran across some disturbing evidence. The presidential pinebox was empty, it had been buried that way too.

"I did a little more digging and turned up some weird stuff. It had less to do with the killers than what happened after the murder. To make a long story short, I found some kind of palm-pilot type thing stuck under a fake rock near the river, and I turned it on. There was some guy in a uniform on the other end and he asked me who I was and what was going on with Riptide. Notice, he already knew where I was, so I told him about the explosion and the weird stuff going on. A day or so later the thing starts to beep, so I turn it on, and there staring me in the face is the old president. He kind of flipped out when I told him what was going on, about President Bandwidth and the new ship you guys just got. And that’s it.

"I'm sure he was already planning this. But I think I moved his timetable up or something."

rRaminrodt closed his eyes and thought hard for a few moments. He looked back at kwerkey, "Losing the ship was a deep cut on our side, but I'm glad that that Tatiana woman is dead, having them both after us at the same time would be really bad." He grimaced, "We need organization. Someone has to be rude and contact Tridus at home. Then we'll have to browbeat Sam into good behavior. That’s when we start figuring out what to do…"

RStefan01 spoke, "Sam's ship, err, lab or whatever it is has a subspace radio in it, I recognized the design from the same as the klingon ship's. We could use that to communicate without being monitored."

kwerkey smiled, "Even though I don't get it… Sounds like a good idea."

They crept quietly around the crowed with the man shouting from the podium.

RStefan01 frowned, "MysteryMan's soldiers will probably be here soon. They should be warned about the danger."

kwerkey looked at the man for a second, "He knows about the danger. He'll move underground soon, don't worry about that crowd."

rRaminrodt and RStefan looked at each other for a second, and just shrugged. As they passed out of the immediate downtown they rounded a corner and entered the old warehouse district.

rRaminrodt shook his head, "Why the heck are we going this way?"

kwerkey pointed back across toward the crowed, "If we walk across the common to the lab we'll be as plain as day, this way no one will see us."

RStefan01 shook his head, "Good idea."

rRaminrodt shrugged, "Sorry, you're right, that makes sense."

As the rounded the next corner, they ran face first into another small group slinking around the building.

kwerkey almost shouted, "Edge!"

Edge smiled, "Oh man, we've been looking for you guys everywhere… kwerkey, what the heck are you doing here?"

He chuckled, "I'm president…"

"What!?" Behind Edge stood BandWidth, with an exasperated look on his face.

kwerkey grimaced, "Sorry, Sam thought you guys were gone for good and organized an election. It wasn't quite right as he tried to rig it… I was elected, but he accidentally named Azriel."


"Well, he's… uhm… jeeze I'll tell you later. We need to get to Sam's lab to call Tridus."

Edge shook his head, "No need. He brought us here."

"Good. Lets get him."

"No. He's all the way across the city, we'd risk running into those crazy troopers."

"MysteryMan's soldiers, yeah. Lets get to the lab and…"


kwerkey nodded, "Yeah. Oh. This is another story for later… Let's get to that lab…"


>> Sam's Lab ship T -20 Hrs. 33 Min. <<


Sam shrugged, "Get home? I don't know. But this space station is supposed to have a great cloning lab. They should have a Fabuloso back up and running again in no time."

BandWidth's eyes bugged out, "That freak show? You want to resurrect him? I can stand your antics, but both of you? No way, no how."

Pal made a sound that seemed an awful lot like laughter, "It's repairable you silly people. Just start working on it and by the time Fabuloso is alive, the drives should be ready again."

Bandwidth stomped his foot, "The heck were waiting, RStefan, rRaminrodt, you guys get down there and fix that thing!"

"I got the door locked!" Sam shouted, "I'm going to revive fabuloso!"

Edge broke into the fight, "Sam, you unlock the door so we can begin repairs and then head down to the station. When you get back, we go home. Got it."

Sam grumbled and looked down, "Okay." He hit a few buttons and then spoke, "Its unlocked but I passworded the navigational controls so you can't leave without me." He turned around, "Cmon Lou, get Fabuloso to the shuttle!"

Sam and Lou left the bridge dragging the corpse behind them.

kwerkey just shook his head, "Well that was weird."


>> Sam's Lab ship T -10 Hrs. 49 Min. <<

Lou look scared as he entered the bride in front of Sam, behind them walked a large person, a very large person.

Lou looked at Sam and wimpered, "I didn't know the growth hormones would make him that big. At least he's not as mean as he used to be…"

Sam sneered, "Sure, he can't even talk now!"

"Its not that bad… He's like Peak Man now, like, you know from the Friday Deathmatches on TV."

"Shut up Lou."

kwerkey looked at Sam. "We finished the repairs an hour ago. Are you ready to go now?"

"Yes. Computer unlock navigational controls, password: Psycho Sam."

"You used your name as a password?"

"I wouldn't forget that way now would I?"

rRaminrodt rolled his eyes, "Can we just engage those damn engines? We've spent better part of a day out here doing nothing. Tridus could be in trouble."

Edge shook his head, "Engage the portal Sam."

"Fine, fine." He punched a few controls. A second later the ship appeared back a few meters above the swamp, and suddenly smashed into the ground.

Pal began to moan, "That was awful. The portal generator, and the engines, and the floor are totally messed up now. The ship was overwigheted!"

The mute Fabuloso made a childlike like smile. Sam wailed, "Noooooooooooooooo."

Pal started to complain, "That trip totally ruined my mood. I hate you Sam. You do the cruelest things to me…"

Edge stuck his fingers in his ears. Then he began to hum. RStefan looked around the room for a second. He spied one particualar panel and smashed his fist through the console and pulled out an electronic device.

He pointed to the exit. "I got the subspace transmitter. Lets go, I don't want to hear this anymore."

They all filed out of the room, leaving Sam, Lou and Fabuloso to Pal's tirade.


>> A Riptide Rooftop T -5 Hrs. 13 Min. <<

They stood around in a circle as Edge slowly punched numbers into a discount cellphone they wired into the subspace transmitter.

He looked at rRaminrodt, "Are you sure these numbers are correct?"

"After all that time I spent with Tridus and Sashie decoding the klingon, don't you think I'd know a little about her… I am sure that’s the frequency she's set to monitor."

"Okay." He finished punching the numbers into the phone. He waited, and then frowned."

"Whats the matter?"

"I'm getting a busy signal!"

"What? How's that possible? This is subspace, not a regular phone. Maybe its just interperating something else as a busy signal… Oh crud, what if its being jammed?"

At the same time, across the city crouched in the basement of someones house Tridus and his "family" waited for a patrol to leave the neighborhood.

Tridus patted the laptop, "Okay honey, just tell me when the bad men pass."

"Okie daddy."

While they spoke, 'Sarah' heard a quiet noise coming from her bag, she opened it up and saw a small device inside had been activated and a light labeled "subspace" was blinking. She smiled for a second, and then returned to her role.


While Edge was dialing again, Bandwidth cursed and pointed up at the sky. "Get down! They've spotted us."

Three futuristic looking helicopters bore down at the group. Everyone dove to the ground and the phone bounced away. RStefan01 dove out and grabbed it, dodging rapid-fire machine guns pelting the ground near him. A door on the side of the gunship slid open and a soldier leaned out and fired his beam-rifle at the group.

Everyone scattered again, ducking behind ductwork and chimneys. Someone shouted, "get out of here, we'll meet back later!"

One of the copters swung around and positioned itself above the roof door. The sound of a much larger ship approaching filled the air.

kwerkey could be heard saying, "Oh crap."

Edge leapt out from his hiding place. He shouted at the group, "Take 'em down, and then run!" He jumped, fists blazing, toward the flyer with its door open. He smashed into the trooper and fighting could be heard inside the ship. Taking this as a clue Bandwidth pulled his revolver out of his boot and fired at the tail of the second ship. The powerful blast knocked a hole in the stabilizer and it began to wobble out of control and tip away from the building. Edge leapt out of the other copter as it began a collision course with the nearby building.

Taking this advantage, Bandwidth, kwerkey and RStefan01 ran toward the exit. As he reached the door RStefan01 skidded to a stop and shouted, "rRaminrodt!"

The so named person turned to face RStefan, but Edge yelled, "Gooooo! I've got him!"

And he did so and began dragging him toward the exit. That’s when a group of soldiers burst out of the door before RStefan01 could open it. Being too close to use their rifles safely, everything broke into a melee fist fitght.

In the sky, rRaminrodt noticed the last helicopter turning around for another pass, and he got an idea. He unraveled both his arms and wrapped the cords of his left arm around the mechanism on the roof behind him.

Edge stared, "What the heck are you doing!"

Without saying anything rRaminrodt lashed out with his other arm toward the landing skid of the copter. Grabbing on, rRaminrodt began pulling the ship down to the rooftop. Edge paused, comprehending what was going on. The door on this ship's side opened up and the troopers inside prepared to fire, when Edge jumped onto this group.

kwerky smashed a large pipe into the leg of one of his attackers and ran up to the ship and jumped inside talkling the last soldier in the hold, as Edge wrenched the door to the cockpit open and yanked the copilot out. RStefan01 leapt inside, chased by two beams, fired by the soldiers behind him. Edge threw the other pilot to his death on the ground. And slid into the pilots seat. As bandwidth prepared to leap onto the ship, beams from the remaining soldiers on the roof blasted into rRaminrodt's arm severing the cables and releasing his grasp on the ship, he screamed in pain.

Another soldier kicked Bandwidth to the ground and leapt aboard the copter and yanked ont the controls sending the ship shooting up into the air. RStefan01 gripped him by the helmet and threw him out. But it was too late…

The clock inside MysteryMan's control center had counted down to five minutes. It sent a signal to boxes his soldiers had set up at the ouskirts of the city. They began to power up.

And a whole new group of fresh soldiers poured onto the rooftop. And enragaged rRaminrodt, screaming with pain lashed out with his good arm at the soldiers. They fired their weapons at him and the beams smashed into him.

The clock counted down to zero. Specail crews of troops on the outskirts began to cut all power cables phone lines and net cables into and out of the city. The boxes began to glow and suddenly a large shell of a force field surrounded the entire city.

Edge piloted the copter away from the rooftop as the soldiers fired at it. A group of soldiers surrounded Bandwidth and bound and gagged him. Another group surrounded rRaminrodt, and kicked his lifeless corpse…

>> Nowhere T -00 Hrs. 00 Min. <<

An unusual, familiar feeling filled him. Or more exactly, he filled a feeling. As opposed to paralysis, the being who before this, and after this would call himself rRaminrodt understood what was happening.

The instinct he always felt during this time took over the being and he passed through the non-space he was in. He searched for the closest rightest form to himself.

And reincarnated……



Changes by this story:

Edge and crew are in a MM's army helicpoter, but are trapped under his shield. All power and communication are cut from the city. Bandwidth has been captured by MM's troops. Fabuloso is alive, but not well and is in the Lab with Sam Lou and Pal. And rRaminrodt has just reincarnated, but into whom I'll tell you later. :)

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