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There's a bomb in the forum!

Author: /Dev/Null ()
Date: 2000-03-08 00:00:00

[Scene: Riptide Forum]

(Mysteryman leads Sid6.9, Soultaker, and Akardam up the hill...)

MM: Right. We've got to find that bomb and diffuse it!

(Akardam pulls out his calculator and punches a few numbers into it.)

Akardam: You do realize that the bomb wouldn't have to be any bigger than a couple of bytes, and we've got over 102,400,000 bytes to search? The probability that we'd find it is slim...

Sid6.9: Well, how long would it take to search that many bytes?

Akardam (does some more calculations) : 1263 minutes.

MM: Damn, that's cutting it close... any way we can speed it up?

Akardam: Yeah... get me A Spell Paridigm book, immediately!

MM: Right. Soultaker, go find one!

Soultaker: Rightaway!

(MM, Sid6.9, and Akardam continue up the hill while Soultaker goes off in search of A Spell Paridigm book.)


"To be continued... by someone else".

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