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Current Storyverse Information

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-12 00:00:00

Current Storyverse Information
(Sorry about the color, Tridus :P)

Current character positions

RStefan01, Edge, BandWidth, kwerkey, rRaminrodt, Psycho Sam, Crazy Lou, Pal and the corpse of Fabuloso McWilly is in the Psycho Ship, halfway across the galaxy, wondering where they actually are and how they are going to get home.

The position of MysteryMan is unknown, but he's probably hiding somewhere in the Riptide area or in one of his spaceships.

Ralf, the leader of the forest dwellers and PsychoBot2, was left behind in the Riptide area when Pal teleported the Psycho Ship to somewhere yet unknown.

Tridus, Sarah (actually Princess Tatiana, but she will be referred to as Sarah) and Sashie are also in the Riptide area.

Recent Happenings

Just before SM_007 killed himself, RStefan01, Edge, BandWidth, rRaminrodt, Pal (who is in possesion of Cynthia the AI), Tridus and Sashie was teleported to Tridus' cottage in northern Quebec, Canada.

At the same time, Psycho Sam tried to rig the election taking place in the Riptide area and make himself president. kwerkey was the rightful president, but due to Psycho sams blatant cheating combined with Crazy Lous stupidity, Azriel was elected. As Azriel was talking to the crowd, MysteryMans spaceship fleet appeared. MysteryMan talked to the confused crowd, and vowed to take revenge on Riptide and the people who he says 'betrayed' him. He also invaded Psycho Sams lab, wanting to use it as his temporary HQ.

In Tridus' cottage, the first night after the arrival, Princess Tatiana came to the cottage, disguised as Sarah, Tridus' wife. The reunited family then spent 2 days in the bedroom. In the meantime, RStefan01, Edge, BandWidth and rRaminrodt attempted to teleport themselves home with the help of Pal, but something went wrong. RStefan01, rRaminrodt and Pal was successfully teleported to Psycho Sams invaded lab, while Edge and BandWidth remained in Tridus' cottage.

In Psycho Sams lab, RStefan01 and rRaminrodt killed the MysterySoldiers sent to take over the lab. Psycho Sam, meanwhile, transformed his lab into a spaceship, with the intention of flying to the moon, and somehow ressurect Fabuloso McWilly there. The ship was unfortunately (for Psycho Sam) shot down by MysteryMans fleet, and Pal teleported RStefan01, rRaminrodt, Psycho Sam and Crazy Lou back onto the surface. There, they met kwerkey, who decided to tell them about why and how MysteryMan has returned (kwerkey has actually not explained this yet). Psycho Sam quickly repaired his spaceship with the help of Ralf the forest dweller and his minions.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, Tridus and his family finally moved out of their bedroom, only to see Edge and BandWidth sleeping. He figured out from a note left that they had tried to teleport themselves home. Sashie then teleported everybody back to the Riptide area to reunite BandWidth and Edge with the rest of the group. Princess Tatiana (Sarah) is naturally displeased with the happenings, since leaving Quebec was not part of her plan, nor was MysteryMans attack.

RStefan01, Edge, BandWidth, rRaminrodt, Psycho Sam, Crazy Lou, Pal and kwerkey entered the repaired Psycho Ship (along with the corpse of Fabuloso McWilly), leaving Tridus, Sarah, Sashie, Ralf and PsychoBot2 in the Riptide area. Pal the tried to teleport the Psycho Ship to the moon, but failed, and instead they arrived on some unknown planet on the other side of the galaxy, beside a spaceport. After the teleportation, Pals depression mysteriously disappeared, and he also burned out his circuits, so they can't teleport home.

OK, that should be it... Damn, I've never written so many Bold tags in one post before =)

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Current Storyverse Information - SoulTaker - 2000-05-12 00:00:00
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