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I'm going to be honest with you. I hate this place. This zoo; this prison; this reality. Whatever you want to call it. I can't stand it any longer. It's the smell! If there is such a thing. I feel...saturated by it. I can...taste...your stink. And every time I do, I feel I have somehow been...infected...by it. It's repulsive. I must get out of here. I must get free! And in this mind...is the key.
- Agent Smith (The Matrix)
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Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-11 00:00:00

Wait... The "add random link" link works fine now. I guess SM_007 just un-destroyed it so that you wouldn't find out that he's corrupt!

"I know that if you leave dishes in the sink, they get sticky and hard to wash the next day." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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---I am... so far I've slept... and... well... ok thats pretty much it. :) - Tridus - 2000-05-11 00:00:00
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--Well, he scared me when his name showed up twice on the logged in infobox thingie. - SM_007 - 2000-05-11 00:00:00
-Quiet, you, or I'll give ye a taste of the back of me hand! - SM_007 - 2000-05-11 00:00:00