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A poem (REPOST)

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-05-11 00:00:00

Life of misery, destined by fear,
destined by mirth.
Doth abate the pain,
of thy heart pierceth.

Of the opposites, I stand here,
Fearing what may come,
knowing what it is I hear.

Fathomed by regret
seen by them,
Our strings pulled,
thewt, strithed, and hemmed.

Oh woe betide,
the damnable forces,
of hate, and sadness thrive.

The forces to be beckoned,
our lives, for which we thwart,
the only I am to give,
is the only thing taken.
My torn and black heart.

Torn apart by rejection,
Hurt dismayed and stricken.
Our situation, from fairest to grim.

Oh woe betide, our lessons to learn.
Sadness but an alteration of happiness,
some which can't be felt,
some that which can't be seen.

To be one of them,
our time is near.
Our threads, neatly, proficiently
And sufficely hemmed.

Our portrayals, our lives,
mockest about,
we stand on a pedastal,
stricken short and flout.

For us, a man's mental note,
ripped and torn,
Dispatched, and clearing
as to no help or hope.

The games we play,
the things we do,
thoughts at bay,
self esteem, beaten so low.

A poem (REPOST) - styx - 2000-05-11 00:00:00
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