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Osama has America spooked. All the tough talk, flag-waving and marketing jingo can't hide Osama's strategic victory: he's turned America into it's own worst enemy. Americans are on the run, afraid of one another, spying on each other, suppressing each other's freedoms. On the global stage, the Bush administration is posturing, swaggering, overreacting. September 11th has revealed a superpower more paranoid and vulnerable than anyone could have imagined, and sympathy for the wounded nation is fading fast. America has once again become a rallying point for resistance. It's sad to see the true-blue hero of World War II and of my youth, now turn into a spaghetti-western parody of itself. Right now, I'm more afraid of President Bush and his never- ending war on terrorism than I am of the terrorists themselves.
- Kallie Lasn
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Hey hey hey now!

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

Let's not jump to conclusions! Sure, lately I have been busy, but whenever I see someone posts lyrics to a song that I have never heard before, I make it a point to download and listen to that song a few times, just to understand more about it and the person who likes it. If you never posted lyrics, I would have never found out about "3 Libras" by A Perfect Circle. :) And I doubt you would have wanted to spare one more might-be fan from cool music, wouldya? I sure hope that people read my lyrics, even though most of the lyrics I post are from known musicians and bands and whatnot. Ah well. Don't give up hope yet. I like reading your posts and listening to the songs. What more couldya ask for?

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

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