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Neato-dorito. Everyones battle reports should be that good :)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-03-07 00:00:00

On 3/7/00 at 21:19 Sid6.9 wrote:
>This is my first ever battle report using HTML. I am not a genius at this, so please bear with me as I learn to use HTML. If any of you have some useful advice about what I should and shouldn’t do with learning HTML please tell me in the comments section. Until then, this is a battle report of a 3 way FFA that followed my first game that I battle reported on yesterday. It features Lord_Tridus (That evil little bugger again), LoopaLoop (An old Air Force buddy of mine) and me, your hero, and everyone else’s, Sid6.9! Please sit back, grab a cold one, and enjoy this tale of the…



The Long Kiss Goodnight



EASY MONEY- A 196 X 196 Map with 6 starting locations and upwards of 20 expansion sites


Lord_Tridus Protoss selected
LoopaLoop Protoss selected
Sid6.9 Protoss selected

>Now our battle begins, as all battles begin, inside the chat rooms. Lord_Tridus and Myself just finished off that glorious battle on Heartwood. But hey, you can see it here The Evil Tyrant. So here we are chatting about the fun game we just played when loe and behold, who messages me? It’s my good buddy LoopaLoop! He messages me that he wants to play. I tell him what channel we are in, and with already playing several previous FFA’s with the Lord of Darkness, Lord_Tridus, we all agree that a 3-way FFA would be righteous (Ehh cool for anyone out there not knowing about being righteous). Lord_Tridus is given the rights to choose the map, be it that evil bugger won the last game. Hee hee hee but what Tridus doesn’t know, is that it is time for the The Long Kiss Goodnight.

> In the gameroom chat…

>Now Tridus decided to pick a map no one had played on, well at least me and LoopaLoop have never played on, in Easy Money. Well I thought, this has to be a big money kind of map with a name of Easy Money went through my mind. I figured it was a type of map with like 3 Mineral spots dotted all over the map, and that there wasn’t that much in them. Like 600 per Mineral, kinda like the map Turbo. Boy oh boy was I wrong. After we downloaded the map, I choose Protoss (My usual race), but what surprised me is that both Lord_Tridus and LoopaLoop had chosen Protoss as well. One thought crossed my mind….Time for The Long Kiss Goodnight! What I didn’t realize though is, who is the one doing the kissing tonight. We all HF’d and GL’d each other like normal, and away we went…


> Now as we began, LoopaLoop started talking how he was not in the aggressive mood tonight. Both Myself and Lord_Tridus laughed at him, and said yeah right! So off I went, sending my trusty probes to their special mineral spots that I designated for them. I worked my build order the same way I always do, when it comes to FFA's. Generally my feelings on FFA's is this. Either you get attacked by the other 2 early, and you die my friend, and then, my friend….You….Die! Or you try to get up an early expansion and attack, attack, attack. I was choosing for option #2, not knowing my opponents had chosen #1. So there it is, I have to go #2, they want to go #1, go #1 on ME! How disgusting that they want to #1 on me.

>Generally in most FFA’s I’ve played, if you are still hanging around unscathed after the initial rushing stages of the game, you are more than likely in the game for the long haul. Most of my early exits were due to one player rushing me, me surviving but losing too many units for the second persons attack that is right behind the first persons.

>So to combat the first scenario, I decided to get out as early as possible and make an expansion in a totally out of the way spot, so if my main does fall, I have a fall back, and hopefully, they never find it. My build is nothing special, but here is how I went about it…

>Probe 7- Pylon

>Probe 9- Gateway (Probey the courageous Probe, goes and scouts)

>Probe 11- Gateway and Pylon

>Probe 13- Forge and Extractor

>Now after the first game, Probey, that courageous little expanding Probe, escaped with me. Be it I like Probes that can expand on demand. Not like the so many handfuls of them that just want to mine, and don’t want to go out and find and start expansions for me.

>I sent Probey down towards the bottom of the map, looking for anything that could resemble a Main base. During that time, I built up an assortment of 10 zealots and got a Cybercore online. Put up a few cannons for early detection and protection against backdoor drops of Reavers and/or Dark Templars. About this time, Probey managed to get my half of the screen totally uncovered, and still no Main base found. Damn! I thought, where the hell are they. In the meantime though, I did find a nice Expanison site out of the way at the bottom of the map and on a cliff. I sent Probey immediately over there as my main now had 18 probes mining off the 11 mineral patches. With 18 Zealots and 4 goons on standby, and with my first weapon upgrade done, I sent 8 zealots to the bottom expansion to protect it.

>Now as Probey made his way up the ramp, and on the cliff, he saw, but who else? Lord_Tridus starting an expansion there himself. Damn dirty little bugger he is, so I sent my brave little Probe and attacked his. But to my surprise Lord_Tridus’s probe spied mine and attacked him. Yikes, go Probey go, as I ran him out of the expo in close chase, I ran clear across the other side of the map, trying to lure his probe away, and he did. I then sent my 8 1-0-0 Zealots up the ramp and promptly tore down that budding expansion. But to my horror, my brave little Probey ran smack into Lord_Tridus’s main, where his little probe mind was obliterated. I was saddened by this, but I was undaunted as I sent another volunteer Probe down to the Expansion site and began to start that expansion.

>The Insurgents

>Now with my expansion budding I laid down three cannons by the cliffs edge, and started a Citadel of Adun and a Robotics Factory at home. I was feeling very confident when I heard! “You are under attack!” LoopaLoop had come to pay me a visit! With hordes of Zealots and about 8 Dragoons. I had approximately 14 Zealots and 6 Dragoons in my main, with the other 8 to far away to come back. So I moved my Lots and Goons back to my support cannons be it he had me outnumbered with 1-1-1 while I was still at 1-0-0. And his lots were double mine. I sent back 6 of my lots from my budding expansion when I ran into…Lord_Tridus coming into my expansion with similarly numbered Zealots and Goons. I hurried my Lots back up on the cliff and put them on hold.

>Meanwhile in my main LoopaLoop had attacked most fiercely! I messaged him “So I thought you weren’t going to be aggressive tonight?” To which LoopaLoop replied, “Well I gotta be me! ” To which I replied, “Yeah, you gotta be GAY!” Which got smiley faces from both of my foes. Damn them, if I didn’t know better, I’d say they were teaming up on me, but I know better than that. I just got unlucky.

>So, LoopaLoop and my troops engaged in glorious battle, with my Lots and Goons firing on his with my 5 cannons giving support fire. When it was all said and done I had only my cannons left to LoopaLoop only having 4 goons left. I felt confident as my 3 gateways had 3 Zealots popping out to take out his remaining goons who, sitting idly by, were scared to death of my probe power, or maybe the 3 cannons I had left, but I had the lots coming out nonetheless. But it begs the question, what about my expansion?

>Well Lord_Tridus seeing my Zealots up there with cannons decided to back off after I killed in upwards of 10 of his to 0 of mine. In fact Lord_Tridus backed totally off me and went elsewhere. Hopefully not to my main, but what about my main, those 3 zealots must be out of their gates by now!

>Yep, they were I started my second weapon upgrade just having a Templar Archives warped in and sent my1-1-0 Lots out to rid myself of those pesky Dragoons of LoopaLoop what I saw froze me in my socks, well actually I had no socks on, but not withstanding LoopaLoop had 16 Dragoons entering my base. I stopped, looked, said crap outloud, and cancelled all my upgrades. Second Weapon, Speed Booties, Psi Storm, and Range on Goons, and left my main base for dead. My last official action there was to send my probes on a suicide mission on his dragoons. So here I am again. No main, an expansion with only a few probes mining, about 1000 in the bank after canceling all queued upgrades and units, I started to make a new main. To my advantage though, I still had my 8 zealots guarding the ledge with cannon support, and the high ground advantage. But I was virtually open for being taken totally out. I quickly rebuilt all my buildings as well as getting more probes going on minerals and gas. Added 2 Starports and Fleet Beacon, but had only 8 zealots and 3 Templars with Psi Storm researching for defense.

>Now I felt the only chance I had to get back in the game was to get up some Carriers and expand like mad. Knowing they had the advantage on the ground level, and that my new main was totally cramped with no room to make offensive units, I decided to go air, since they take no room on the ground, and are my only chance to survive. That was until…

>The Man, The Myth, The Legend in his Own Mind… Lord_Tridus

>Now I was busy rebuilding when I observed several comments from both of my competitors. From what I took of it, LoopaLoop had Reaver dropped on Lord_Tridus and wiped out his mains mineral line and several pylons. Lord_Tridus wanted some pay back, and from what I understand, a few dozen Zealots and Dragoons were used, but a thing called Psi Storm put an end to that attack. I was quite pleased as my economy was back on-line and that I had all my buildings up. Psi Storm had finished researching, my Fleet Beacon had finished warping in and I immediately started on my first CARRIER! But be it I only had room for one Cybercore, I could only upgrade on thing at a time, instead of my usual dual upgrades that I like to do. So I choose to upgrade my armor, and was I happy I did.

>About this time I notice a blue shuttle sitting just on the outskirts of my town. I look at it and say, he must be expanding above me. Boy was I wrong…about 30 seconds passed as I was checking the status of my first Carrier and to start another in my second Starport (Remember, I had limited space on this expansion site. When suddenly my heart dropped to my knees as 8 shuttles were flying in! Lord_Tridus was about to drop me from the game as I felt 32 Zealots were about to drop in to say “Hi, how are you? Been killed lately?” I, fortunately, had a Templar on stand-by right near to where they were coming in. I laid a Psi-Storm off in the direction they were coming in, and to my luck, 4 of the shuttles exploded as soon as they touched the Psi Storm. Not a regular explosion, but Hallucinations! Holy crap, someone actually used Hallucination! My victory over 4 of his shuttles was short-lived though as Lord_Tridus dropped 6 Reavers into my base. I used that same Templar, and Psi Stormed the closely clumped Reavers hitting 5 of them. They didn’t die, but their shields were gone. They started to shoot off scrabs at everything in sight. I sent my now 12 zealots into action and had my second of three Templar in close chase. My first 8 Zealots were killed before the even touched anything, but 4 did make it. And my point was not to lose my Zealots, but to sacrifice them so my Templar could get off 2 Psi Storms. And he did. 4 of Lord_Tridus’s the Reavers went “pop”, while 1 was seriously damaged with one remaining without shields. My carrier popped out a few seconds before I Psi Stormed and I immediately had him build Interceptors. But I didn’t have the upgrade for 8 Interceptors yet, so I had 4 to work with. Needlessly to say, my Templar was killed. Now I had only them left until…

>Lord_Tridus sent about 16 Zealots up my unprotected ramp, took out my cannons, and proceeded to raze my defenseless base. I used my last Psi Storm to kill 6 to 7 Zealots, but he eventually went pop. My carrier finally took care of the Reavers and moved down to the Zealots. It was slow, but I did finish off his Zealots. Boy good thing he didn’t bring a Templar with him, or a couple of Dragoons. I finish off his Zealots, but I lost my Nexus, all my Probes (They couldn’t get out to run, trapped, damn it) and just about every building without shields and burning. It looks like the Long Kiss Goodnight was about to lay its lips on me with a follow-up attack from either Lord_Tridus or LoopaLoop

LoopaLoop, not just not a man, but a Psi Storming machine!

> Now I sat there discouraged over the fact that I was beaten Six Ways From Sunday and put away wet. When I noticed that I still had 692 minerals in the bank. My Robotics Factory was still there so I made one Shuttle and luckily had one Probe hiding in a corner, trapped possible when I made a Pylon earlier before Lord_Tridus’s attack. I loaded my Probe into the Shuttle and made my way out looking for a possible Expansion to claim, and hopefully survive.

>Now after Lord_Tridus’s attack, I felt really down in the dumps. But I also knew this was a FFA, and anything could happen. I wasn’t looking to win, but just to prolong my death. As luck would have it, I found a island expansion outside my main. I set down the probe and started a Nexus. Meanwhile I listened to my competitors talk…

>It seems that after Lord_Tridus’s attack on me, he decided to turn his attentions to LoopaLoop. He laid down a Reaver drop on LoopaLoop much the same way he did me.

>During this time, I get my Nexus up and fill the 8 mineral spots with Probes, figuring what the hell and that I needed to get as many minerals ASAP, I put another Probe into that same shuttle and off I went to find another Expansion. To make a long story short, I eventually had 5 Expansions going with absolutely no Defense at any of them. Now I know what you are thinking, why didn’t they just kill off your naked expansions (Ahhh get out of here, don’t be looking at my naked expansions like that). Well it’s not that they didn’t notice them, but they were too busy trying to kill each other, that they didn’t worry about ole little wounded me! Big Mistake! But they did kill 2 Expansions though during there little squabbles that were caught in there way to each other. No matter though, as this map has over 20 Expansions sites (Geesh, if I knew this map had so many minerals I wouldn’t have played it, too much like BGH, only a different map size and such). Anyway I get up 2 more expansions and the money is rolling in. I cannon like a whore and build gateways at all my expansions. Get me some Templar and start on 2 more Starports near my main…

>About this time I hear LoopaLoop say, okay Tridus the game is yours man! Oh crap Lord_Tridus has finally crippled him. Damn I only have 6- 1 Armor-1 Sheild-0 Attack Carriers that were not being made in my main. This was critical, as Lord_Tridus probably thought I was still down for the count, as I didn’t rebuild anything at my main and had no troops there whatsoever.

>Now after about 10 minutes, Lord_Tridus hit my secondary main (The one with 3 Gateways with a Arbitar Tribunal, and tons of cannons) with about 24 Zealots. I fended it off as my he had to go around my building to get to them. I rebuilt the cannons and got an Observatory up. Made a Observer at my previous main and found Lord_Tridus’s observer sitting right there. That’s why he didn’t attack me! I didn’t rebuild my Nexus there, and I didn’t make any offensive units! He must have thought I was dead and had no money or no probes to start another Nexus when I went out with my Shuttle to that island. OMG I survived out of luck!

>Well Lord_Tridus wasn’t done with my new Expansion yet, as he sent in some Corsairs that D-Webbed the entire cannon field I had there (About 16 I think) And proceeded to bring in Scouts to take care of em. He targeted my Templars first. I got a Psi Storm off but killed 3 of my own Templars in the process. Lord_Tridus placed his scouts purposely over them, he told me later. But I had 2 Templar hide in a corner by my minerals, I sent them over and Psi Stormed his 16 or so scouts into oblivion…

>Now LoopaLoop got his reprieve he needed and was pumping out Goons and Templars at will. He sent them mostly at Lord_Tridus but did send a group of 16 at me. My Psi Storm ruled them, and he backed off. Now I was busy putting up 3 more Starports to bring my total to 7. I pumped out Corsairs and Scouts to compliment my 8 Carriers with 2 Arbiters and 3 Observers in close chase.

> The Long Kiss Goodnight puckers up!

>I send my Carrier Group with my Carriers hot-keyed as 1, my Corsairs as 2, and my scouts as 3. I have the ‘Sairs and Scouts follow the Arbiters and make my way out. It’s my first offensive folks, and I’m the only one with the Big Air. LoopaLoop is busy rebuilding, and I have a hunkering after taking out Lord_Tridus’s Scouts and Corsairs that the time to attack is now, before he rebuilds them. Upon going out I run across 2 Expansions of his and promptly take them down. During the battle at his second island expansion, his Scouts and Corsairs come running in. I Hotkey 2 and 3 and hit A-attack to where they are coming in. Needlessly to say my now 2-3-2 air wins hands down. I found his Starports and took them down. But a well placed Psi Storm by him destroys several Corsairs and weakens my Carriers. I back off to find another way into his base. I find Lord_Tridus’s main and come through the backdoor, so his 32 plus Dragoons cannot shoot at my Carrier Group. I get a little too close and his Goons kill the Interceptors and get a few pot shots at the now non-Interceptor filled Carriers, I back off to rebuild them and dance with Lord_Tridus for several minutes, as I know he has no expansions.

>Now LoopaLoop isn’t sitting idly by. After several minutes of weakening Lord_Tridus I decided to pay him a visit with my Carriers. Upon entering LoopaLoop’s new main base, he greets me with a few Corsairs which fall quickly. I started on his cannons with no attack of any kind. I did see a few Templars, but they were quite a ways away. I crept closer and closer. Than I saw why I didn’t see any Templars by his coast. He had an Arbitar above his Nexus! Oh crap, Psi-Storm reigned down on my carriers taking 6 out, and leaving 6 totally damaged. I backed the hell off him and started to do Goon and Zealot production. They are much tougher against storm and you need a lot of storm to take out 4 control groups of 12 lots or 12 goons.

>About this time Lord_Tridus messaged, “I don’t worry about Dragoons all that much.”, then said “It was them damned Carriers that killed me.”! OMG went through my mind as Lord_Tridus said “GG” and left. The Long Kiss Goodnight had kissed Lord_Tridus first! And he was doing all the smacking down early on? That’s what I love about FFA’s, it doesn’t matter how good you are, if you don’t put down you opponents early on when they are hurting. You can and will be in trouble later on if you take the pressure off.

>Now me and LoopaLoop continued on. To end this report early, I went around with my 6 weakened carriers, 8 scouts and Arbitar and took out a few of his expansions, while I attacked his main with Goons and Zealots. He stormed and stormed and stormed, and oh did I mention, stormed some more. He took out one of my 6 expansions, but the game was over as he lost many Dragoons to my Storm. I found out later how he got the better of Lord_Tridus. He built 9 Gateways near his base and pumped Goons non-stop. And after my Carrier attacks on him, decimating his mineral line and killing his Expansions, that’s how he got killed.

>LoopaLoop finally conceded the game,Long Kiss Goodnight struck him, after I got into his main and was reaping havoc. Saying the game was fun, but there were way too many expansions, and that the mineral patches and gas geysers were set too high. He said “GG” and left. I then left and we, LoopaLoop and myself, enjoyed a 2 on 4 CPU game on Killing Fields together to end the night.


> I really enjoyed the game, I thought I was dead early on, and should have been. Lord_Tridus made that mistake, and I later learned that he didn’t see a new Nexus or any other offensive units, so he thought I was finished. He had an “Observer” sitting there. It wasn’t until I had my third expansion on-line that he new I wasn’t dead. But with the attacks on LoopaLoop he didn’t have the units to attack me at that time. He wanted to take out my expansions, and picked the wrong one.

>Templars are “Gay”. And that’s why I use ‘em. Anything that is “Gay” has got to be good!

>Carriers are “Gay”. And saved my ass. Oh look at me in all my “Gayness” for using them!

>I would also like to thank Lord_Tridus and LoopaLoop for a fun game. P vs. P vs. P games are a hoot!

>That map, is totally “GAY”! And it’s not the good kind of gay either. This map is another version of BGH. It is fun for those that like their mains with 7500 Minerals and 10000 Gas. With all expansions with 3500 minerals and 7500 gas. I mean if it were any other map, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did. So the win is tainted. I enjoyed it, because of all the action, but I prefer that risk of having to find Expansions to keep your money flow going. This map is perfect for those that just like to stay in one spot and attack, instead of expanding. Although for a FFA, I would say this map might be fun. But it still is a BGH variety map, but with cliffs and multi-level play. I would recommend this to BGH players who want a different map, and to avoid this map, if expanding maps are more your taste. Even though we all expanded like mad, I could see this map being abused by BGH players that don’t like to do this.



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