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(Storyverse Zug-Zug)'DNow how do we get home?'

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

*Once again, Psycho Sam! was back in the general Riptide area. His ship was damaged, and had recently (coincidentally) crashed into the swamp where his lab used to be. After sorting a couple of things out, he realized that the ship wasn't really in that bad shape, so he got some of the forest dwellers (the ones who used to live in the trees above sam's lab) to help him make repairs, under Lou's instructions. The leader of the forest dwellers, Ralf, was talking to Pal about some schematics*

Ralf- OK Pal, this time without the sarcasm.

Pal- Like I said, the third engine bypass valve needs to be painted black!

Ralf- But why? I's just slowing down production! In the time it takes us to paint the third valve, we could have installed the fourth.

Pal- Fine, fine... If you want to build a second rate ship, that's fine with me, just don't come whining to me when someone notices the lousy painting job...

Ralf- Whatever... I'm going back to work. *to one of his men* Hey! hwo's work going on the portal generator?

*A couple of hours later, the ship was ready for takeoff. Sam, Lou, kwerkey, and Fabuloso's corpse (which had had a large peice of metal embed itself into his chest during the crash) were on the bridge, getting ready for takeoff. This time they wouldn't be stopped by MysteryMan's ships.*

Sam- Pal, are we ready to go?

Pal- Sure, why not. But I suggest just using the portal generator to take us past the other ships up there.

Sam- Go ahead Pal. How long will that take?

Pal- about 15 minutes, give or take a couple...

Sam- Good. soon we shall revive Fabuloso... soon...

*Outside the ship, PsychoBot2 was trying to hold back RStefan01 as he tried to gain access to the ship. For a little box with no weapons, it was doing fairly well. The entire Riptide crew, except of course for Tridus, Sashie, and Sarah, were standing outside waiting for RStefan01 to get in.*

BandWidth- Come on! We have to get in! What's taking so long?

RStefan01- I don't know. This robot is very intimidating. I don't know what it's going to do next, and that frightens me.

kwerkey- Well, kick it or something.

RStefan01- Hey, there's an idea. Why didn't I think of that?

Edge- Maybe there's something wrong with your circuits. We should have Pal check you out once we get...

RStefan01- I am not letting that computerized depression into my head! No way, no how!

Edge- Fine. Kick the robot.

*RStefan01 kicked the robot, and walked onto the ship. They walked up to where they remembered the bridge was, and barged in on Sam*

Sam- What is the meaning of this intrusion?

BandWidth- Look, you're in no position to speak to us like that. Not after all you've done. And to add insult to injury, YOU'VE CALLED FOR A NEW ELECTION, AND LET AZRIEL BECOME PRESIDENT!

kwerkey- Actually, I'm president. Azriel came in second.

BandWidth- I don't care. Let's just get Sam out of here so we can punish him.

Pal- No doing that right now I'm afraid.

Edge- Why not? Are you going to try to stop us?

Pal- No, but I'm about to open up a portal that is going to sransport us somewhere past the moon. It should be opening in about a minute or so. If you want to evacuate, you can, but I don't think you could get Sam off in under a minute.

BandWidth- Then we'll stay here and transport the ship back once we get there.

Pal- Whatever. Doesn't bother me. Teleporting in T minus 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Blastoff. Yay.

*With that, a vortex opened up underneath the ship, under the swamp, and sucked both the ship and the swamp into itself. A portal oened up in space, and a ship poped out of it. THe protal wasn't located just past the moon, but somewhere completely different. It had taken them almost half way across the galaxy. Next to them was a space station of some sort, with many ships docked at the ports*

Sam- What the hell did you do Pal? Where are we?

BandWidth- Never mind that. Get us back to Earth so we can punish Sam!

Pal- Sorry 'bout that. There was a bit of a power surge guys. Cna't get the portal generator started back up either. Burned out the circuits.

Lou- Hey, what's up with you Pal? You sound different.

Pal- On the negative side, we can't get home. But on the plus side, my depression is gone!

Lou- That's super!

Pal- Yesseree, it is super.

Edge- But now, how can we get home?


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