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(storyverse) Air Battle (storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

Air Battle

RStefan01 was running through the dark hallways of Psycho Sams lab complex, carrying rRaminrodt on his shoulders. The walls around them was in constant flux, transforming the massive building into a spaceship. rRaminrodt frantically tried to keep on top of RStefan01 as the cyborg swiftly ran through hallways, desperately searching for cover. At any time, the walls that surrounded them could move together and squish them, as part of the ship transformation sequence.

RStefan01 ran against the door at the end of the room, and kicked it down. He ran inside the room. At last it seemed that they had found a room not in flux. The room was a small lab, with a few computer terminals, a table, and a few chairs. A few empty crates was stacked in the corner. RStefan01 took rRaminrodt down from his shoulders, and rRaminrodt sat down in one of the chairs. RStefan01 then quietly scanned the room for any presence which he had not noticed when they entered. As the green beam searched the room, they felt that the ship was beginning liftoff. RStefan01 continued his scan.

rRaminrodt sighed.

"This is utter chaos. We should find Psycho Sam as soon as possible... Who knows what madness he could be up to."

RStefan01 nodded, and was just about to take rRaminrodt and place him on his shoulders, as rRaminrodt stopped him.

"No, you must go alone. I can not be of any help to you. Just get the ship down... I should get medical care at the riptide hospital as soon as possible."
"You should hide somewhere, then. It is not safe for you to be alone."
"I will hide somewhere."
"Very well."
"Hurry up."

RStefan01 turned to the door, and opened. To his suprise, he saw Psycho Sam and Crazy Lou surrounded by lights, status screens and switches, sitting at a cockpit in some large, comfy armchairs. The large windows showed a good view of the whole riptide area. The ship was hovering at approximately 500m above ground.

"Psycho Sam, land the ship immediately."

Psycho Sam turned around, and frowned.

"Can't you ever just mind your own business? This is my ship, and you are not supposed to be here!"
"Land the ship, Psycho Sam. rRaminrodt is here too, and he needs medical care."
"Do you not like my new 'Psycho Ship'?"

As RStefan01 and Psycho Sam was talking, a squadron of black, triangular ships flew into the range of the so-called Psycho Ship, and began firing their beam weapons at the ship. Psycho Sam quickly turned around.

"Lou, what's going on?!"
"Uhh... Some ships are attacking us."
"Well, shoot them!"
"We don't have any weapons."

Psycho Sam took the microphone, and began speaking.

"Pal, why don't we have any weapon systems on this ship?"
"You didn't say that you wanted any. Just leave me alone, will you?"

Psycho Sam angrily throwed the microphone into a corner of the room.

"Lou, we'll retreat. Just get my beautiful ship away from those infidel dogs."
"Infidel dogs?"
"Those ships which are attacking us."

Before Crazy Lou could finish, one of MysteryMans ships fired a powerful beam into the Psycho Ship. A large explosion was heard. The ship shaked heavily, and the status screens and lights began changing and flashing violently.

"The left wing has been hit!", Crazy Lou screamed, panicked.

Another attacker turned around, and fired at the Psycho Ship. Another explosion was heard, and Psycho Sams beloved ship began losing altitude at an alarming speed.

"What's going on, RStefan01?!", rRaminrodt yelled from the room beside the cockpit.
"We're going down. We must evacuate the ship before it is too late!", RStefan01 yelled.

RStefan01 picked up the microphone that Psycho Sam had tossed away moments before.

"Pal, teleport us to somewhere near the Riptide area... Fast."

A disgruntled voice answered through the speakers.

"You always want something for yourselves. Nobody ever cares about what I want... "
"This is an emergency, Pal. I repeat, teleport us to somewhere near the Riptide area."

Pal sighed, and Psycho Sam, Crazy Lou, RStefan01 and rRaminrodt felt a large amount of energy surrounding them for a moment. In a fraction of a second, their position changed. They found themselves behind a stage in the position where the Riptide HQ used to be. A strange-looking person was telling the crowd about what he would do in his time of his presidency. Not far away stood a tall man in a dark trenchcoat and a fedora on his head, staring at the evening sky.

rRaminrodt just stared for a second.

"We're gone for a few days, and THIS happens? Some weirdo I've never seen before is elected president... New people everywhere... What's happening?"

rRaminrodt looked at Psycho Sam.

"I suppose that you are a part of this too, Sam?"
"So what if I am?"

rRaminrodt sighed. Meanwhile, the man in the trenchcoat walked nearer the group. He looked at rRaminrodt.

"Mr. rRaminrodt, I presume?"
"Yes... And you are?"
"kwerkey. As you have probably already found out, MysteryMan has returned. And not with good intentions... I must admit, I am not entirely without guilt in this case. Let me explain to you what has happened..."

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