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(postbox fun) Home Sweet Home.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

Tridus lay in bed drowzily, with no real idea of what time it was... he didn't care either. For years that he had lost count of since his life had been turned upside down, he had been dreaming of this... and now... well, now he didn't have to dream anymore... with Sarah snuggled up against him, and Sashie sleeping off on top of his cabinet... life was good.

Dozing off, he still did dream though... of how great it would be to wake up in the morning.

Sleeping comfortably, Tatiana woke up most irritated at an annoying person tapping on her shoulder incessantly. Rolling over and groaning, she didn't see anything, but the tapping stopped.

Subject two (Sashie) started talking though. "Mommy wake up! I made you breakfast! Its your favorite!"

Sure enough, beside the laptop sat a steaming plate of what looked like bacon and scrambled eggs. Tatiana supresed an urge to throw that damn computer out a window into the nearest snowbank, and instead resumed her acting and smiled. "Why thank you sweetie! It looks delicious,why don't you bring it over here so mommy can eat it?"

"ok mommy!" Tatiana giggled as the food floated over to her. Trust these North Americans to create technology that doesn't do anything useful, but can make them lazy and fat.

"Thank you sweetie." Tatiana started eating. It was palatable at least, but not the gourmet delicacies that she was used to eating by any stretch of the imagination... still, she had to put an act on for the girl. "mm... this is delicious sweetie, did it take you long to make?"

"no mommy, all I had to do was stir eggs and cook bacon and stuff, it only took a half hour or so!"

"Thats my girl." Well... Tatiana figured that the data she was getting was worth enduring this... and her revenge... oh yes... that would be worth it ten times over. These morons wouldn't know what hit them, they had bought her whole plan... as her father would have said; "they had swallowed the bait, hook, line, and sinker." . She found she had to supress a grin at the thought of that.

Tridus awoke and found Sarah just walking back into the room... "good morning honey..."

Sarah looked at him and smiled. "Morning sweetie. can you do me a favor? Can you take your friends home? They're making a mess and this place is so cramped with them here... And one of them snores."

Tridus listened.... that sounded like Edge snoring. "But I don't know where to send them, we don't have a base anymore..."

Sarah just looked at him with those eyes of hers... "Oh..."

"Alright hon... I'll... I dunno, I'll put them up in a hotel or something."

Sarah smiled. "Thank you sweetie, your so thoughtful." She came over and gave him a kiss, then walked back out of the room.

Tridus lay in bed smiling... 'life is good' was the only thought that crossed his mind.

Eveuntally, he managed to get up, dressed, and out of the room... out there, Edge and Bandwidth were asleep in chairs. Tridus was wondering where everybody else went when he saw Sarah reading a note.

"Whats that say dear?"

Sarah handed him the note without saying a word.


We went back to Riptide (or the space it used to occupy at least) to try and rebuild once more. We rigged up a transport method using Pal and Cynthia that should get us here ok. When your ready, come back out and rejoin us.

- The Group

"Hmm... I wonder why these two are still here? Bandwidth, Edge.. Wake up!"

They didn't react.

"Sashie sweetie, wake them up." Sarah asked.

"Ok mommy!" With that, two buckets of ice water appeared over the pair and dumped their contents.

That woke them up pretty fast... in fact it sent them jumping up and screaming from the cold.

The family laughed at their reaction... "heheh... Sashie be a dear and dry them off."

"Ok daddy! tee hee!"

The pair and the floor quickly dried off.

"Now then..." Tridus started. "If you were all leaving, why are you two still here?"

Edge was the first to respond. "I don't know... we were starting to leave, and then all of the sudden we were back here with everybody else gone... so we just went back to sleep, because there isn't anything to do in this ice cap you call home. No offense of course."

Tridus smiled. "Alright... well, lets have something to eat and then head back." Tridus walked into the kitchen and saw a huge mess... 'Sashie must have been cooking again' he thought. He walked back out of the kitchen.

"Alright... lets order something to eat and then head back." With that, he pulled out his phone. "Hi Pizza Pizza? Yeah, its Tridus... yeah I'm good, and you? Great! I'll have two usuals. Yep, I'm at home. Ok, thanks!"

Edge finally decided to ask a question that was nagging at him... "Tri, umm... how do you propose to get pizza out here? There can't be a pizza place within 50 miles!"

"About two hundred and fifty actually."

"Well then where...?"


"How far away is that?"

Tridus shrugged. "Long enough that you wouldn't want to try and make the trip yourself."

"Then how..."

Tridus interrupted him. "Edge... some mysteries just don't have answers. Of course, this one does, but I'm not going to give it to you." He flashed Edge a grin.

"Well... ok... how long is it going to take?"

Tridus shrugged. "Twenty, thirty minutes... after that its free, and Chuck has never been late."


"Yep, the pizza guy."

Edge shook his head... this just wasn't making sense.

Twenty eight minutes of relatively meaningless conversation passed, and then there was a knock at the door.

"Come in Chuck!" Tridus yelled.

Chuck came walking in wearing a parka and carrying one of those pizza delivery bags that keeps the pizza's warm. "Yo Tri dude, I got your two pizzas here! Hey... company?" Chuck glanced aorund the room and stopped on Sarah. "Nice company at that."

"Oh how rude of me! Edge, Bandwidth, Sarah... this is Chuck the Pizza Guy. Chuck, this is Edge, Bandwidth, and my wife who came home recently, Sarah."

Chuck smiled. "Wife? You didn't tell me you had a wife dude! Looks like you hit the jackpot too, thats a definate keeper!"

Tridus grinned and Sarah smiled. "Yeppers." Tridus said. "She is, definately."

Tridus gave Chuck a fifty dollar bill. "Thanks dude, see ya next time!" With that, Chuck was off, leaving two Extra Large Pizza's with Double Cheese, Double Pepperoni, and Quadruple Bacon.

Tridus dug right in... Edge and Bandwidth eyed each other wearily before taking some, and Sarah suppressed the urge to groan, she was going to need her stomach pumped at this rate.

After pizza, the group gathered together in Tridus' living room again, but this time everyone was ready for travelling. Tridus and Sarah had actually gotten dressed properly instead of just wearing bathrobes and whatever happened to be lying around. Tridus was holding Sashie, and they were ready to go.

"Ok Sashie, hit it!"

"Ok daddy!"

With Tridus' extra high speed internet line, it only took a few seconds for the group to disappear.

It took about a minute for them to fully reappear inside a house in California near Riptide's location that Tridus didn't recognize. "Sashie, whose house is this?"

"Sorry daddy, this is the closest comptuer I could find for us to jump to."

"Oh... well thats ok sweetie, we'll just walk the rest of the way."

Being careful not to wake up the occupants, the group left the house quietly and walked towards Riptide HQ (getting directions from Sashie and her GPS system)... as they came over a hill nearing Riptide, the group stopped.

Floating above the area where Riptide should be was several large black Triangular ships. Down over the hill, they saw people milling about with faceless armored soldiers with powerful looking weapons moving around.

"What the hell!?" was the ony question Tridus could think of to ask.

Tatiana was thinking the same thing... 'What the hell!? This wasn't part of my plan!'


The rest of the group is now at least near Riptide HQ and have just spotted MM's force. The force hasnt spotted them yet though. :-)

You can't change a stubborn mind... you can't see the world if your eyes are blind. What does it matter anyway... in our darkest hour, all just shades of grey... - Amanda Marshall

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