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Re:Hear this, Riptide... this is what you must do...

Author: Ravage! ()
Date: 2000-05-10 00:00:00

On Wednesday, May 10, 2000 at 10:15:30 AM Akardam wrote:
>You must strip Kwerqy of his powers for his abuse.

If thats power abuse, than tridus was abusing his power by changing Basin's "deathmatch" tags to story tags.

>You must solicit an apology from him.

I dont know about that one so I'll just keep quiet about it.

>If you don't, you risk loosing a member of your staff and a member of the community.

So go cry then, it's the internet. Seek help. go out and talk to people in the "real" world.

>This has gone far beyond a simple matter of NT button abuse. I would have been content to simply let things lie after I had completed my story series.

No it hasn't. it's over a stupid nt tag. he added nt tags to your nt posts. Oh no the world is going to end.
>Then kwerqy came along. And he started modifying my posts.

Ya as far as I've seen swearing is aloud. (not sure about in bulk) So he was indeed out of line there.
>I am outraged.

You're always outraged. Usually about something extremely stupid You made everyone think you commited suicide because you THOUGHT your girl friend broke up with you. You're more emotionaly unstable than I am.

>You know what you must do.

They sure do. (whatever they must do I don't know.)

>Technomage Prime
>"You underestimate the power I wield..."

What's with you?


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