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Re: Re:Cool story, kewl writing... (constructive criticism inside)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

"rRaminrodts thing was cool at the end because he explained it really well and all. It was kinda frustrating since we couldn't do anything really with it for fear of messing something up without knowing whats going on in the whole thing.

Same thing with this, since nobody knows whats going on, we basically have to ignore it when writing our own stories until we get more information. Of course, if you don't want someone tampering with the whole thing, thats definately the way to go.

Its not really a bad thing unless it drags on for months. Then it starts getting silly. Having a plotline where its confusing at first is cool though, that Searcher thing had a great finalie."

Yep, the finalie was cool. But I just got really confused with all the names and that, and I think rRaminrodt went a bit overboard. I mean, I was reading some of those stories, and I didn't understand anything. I think it's nice with confusing storylines in the beginning, but then everything should be explained fairly swiftly, or it gets frustrating. Sure, it's nice in the beginning, but I think after a few large stories, it should begin to make sense.

Still, as long as The Technomage keeps writing the stories with the kickass writing style that he does, I won't complain =)


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