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(Storyverse Story)'Pal! Set course for... Wherever!'

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

*It was a pleasant day in the Riptide community. Birds were singing, squirrels were playing, MysteryMan's henchmen were tearing the place apart looking for something. An average day in the Riptide community. Inside Psycho Sam's laboratory, a stick figure was coming up with a plan, and it wasn't Crazy Lou.*

Psycho Sam- Aww crap, first I don't get to be president, and now my lab's being torn apart by non-hired goons? What else could go wrong?

Crazy Lou- Well, for starters, Fabuloso is really starting to stink, and he's attracting some really nasty species of flies. If we're going to revive him, we're going to need to do it now.

Sam- Oh well... I guess we'll need a ship. Can we get on board the USS Riptide from here?

Lou- Sorry Sam, it's in space, and we've actually los tthe signal from Pal. Maybe he's broken.

Sam*into his portable communicator*- Pal? Where are you?

Pal*over the seaker*- I'm somewhere in the lab. I ported here with a bunch of people. I couldn't get them all here because they...

Sam- Fine fine, could you come up here now?

Pal- Sorry Sam, I don't have legs. I could always try teleporting myself to you but I'm probably not going to.

Sam- Why not?

Pal- I dunno. Why should I?

Sam- OK, come on! Get up here now! I need your help. After that you can be depressed all you want.

Pal- Fine... Fine... No one ever wants to talk to me when they don't need anything. I might as well make myself useful...

Sam- That's a good computer. Get up here now!

*Pal teleports into the main room of Sam's lab right next to Sam and Lou. He promptly hooked himself up to the main computer systems and began sulking*

Sam- Pal. PAL! I said I needed your help! No, don't answer that, just tell me if you have the schematics of the USS Riptide?

Pal- Yes I do. THey're kinda complicated but since I had a lot of itme to myself I think I've figured them out. They're very advanced. I wish I was advanced... Why did you take out some of my circui...

Sam- Shut up. Is it possible to convert the lab into ship mode and integrate the advanced technology from their ship?

Pal- This lab has a ship mode? Oh yeah... I forgot about that one. Yeah, I think I can integrate some of the stuff. You want me to change into ship mode now?

Sam- Sure, why not? Can we take off too?

Pal- I don't see why not. Unless a meteor crashes into us... Or a tidal wave washes us away... Or...

Sam- Just do it dagnabbit!

Pal- Transformation sequence activated.

*The lab started chaking, parts of it began moving, locking together. In the main room, a large viewscreen moved its way to the front of the room, and two smaller terminalr moved to the sides. a large chair sitting on a pedastol rose in the middle of the room. The chair was a rather large green leather recliner. It was very shiny, and extremely comfortable. Sam was gald he had it installed over that old beige velvet chair. That had to be the most uncomfortable chair sam had ever sat on. In another room in Sam's lab/ship RStefan01 was trying to figure out what was going on*

RStefan01- Hmm... Sht ship's shaking. Parts of it are moving. What's going on?

rRaminrodt- Not to sure, I think it may be transforming. Let's make our way to the main lab.

RStefan01- Good idea. We'll probably run into some more of those soldiers on the way here. Are you up to fighting them?

rRam- I can't stand, but I'll see if there's anything I can do.

*Outside the laboratory, the ground began shaking. The swamp that housed the lab began to bubble, and the forest dwellers who lived in the trees above the swamp were running around, evacuating their little tree village. The swamp began to bubble more and more until a ship suddenly rose out of it. The ship was pure white and very slick. It looked like two discs attached in the middle. one disc had a large window, and the other disc had two engines sticking out at the sides. It was a very nice, smoth, sleek, fast ship. As it took off, it tore through the forest dwellers village knocking down most of the trees. It tore off through the atmosphere, past the wreckage of Titania's station, and off into the infinite of space. On the bridge, Sam was admiring his intelligence*

Sam- Well, if that wasn't a good idea, I don't know what was. Pal, set course to that place you said that Fabuloso could be revived.

Pal- I don't think that was me who said that. Maybe it was Lou...

Sam- Just set course!

Pal- OK, ok... It's done. If you don't mind, I think I'll go to sleep for a bit. It's much less depressing that way.

Sam- Knock yourself out... Please.

*As the lights on Pal's terminal began to dim, the door to the bridge opened. Into the bridge stepped...*


Who will step onto the bridge? Will it be some of MysteryMan's soldiers? Will it be RStefan01? Or could it even be someone else? Tune in next time, to: SOMEONE ELSES STORY!

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