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Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

"I just get sick of all of these Gates-bashers who really have no reason to hate the person himself. I mean, look at all of these anti-Gates websites and so forth that have been spawned, and couple that with all of the jokes that are constantly being made about him on the radio, the 'net, TV and movies, and you might get to thinking that perhaps Bill Gates isn't that happy at all. Heck, I'd wager that he's pretty depressed...at least, once and a while.

The guy really has NOTHING. He is the brunt of every joke, the most hated person around, and we can't even begin to imagine what that is like. Sure, if you hate Microsoft products, you can bash them. Sure, you might even say that you hate the Microsoft company (though the minute you start hating people because they work for Microsoft is the minite I know this has gone too far), but why are so many people avidly against Bill Gates being ALIVE? I feel sorry for him. I don't think his wife loves him, I don't think his money, power or company makes him happy, I don't think he takes these jokes in good humour, and I don't think any of us should judge poor Bill without living a day in his shoes and being where he is right now. Hell, how many of us here have even met the guy? It's kind of hard for me to hold a grudge against someone who I have never met."

I see your point. And I also agree with you that Mr. Gates probably is not really a happy happy man. In fact, I think you're right, he probably gets depressed from time to time.

But I would also like to state that many of those people who hate Bill Gates have a good reason to it. And frankly, I think he deserves all the hate-pages he has gotten.

I mean, first, he created the frankenstein of OS's, Windows. Ineffective and bug-ridden, but with a nice GUI to make people go "ooh" and "aah". So it sold well, because the bright graphics seemed appealing to people new to PC's, as compared to IBM's bland OS/2 (but OS/2 was actually a GOOD OS, which actually WORKED).

Along with the sucky Windows, Microsoft also created some sucky applications and programming languages. While I have never used MS applications much (except from IE), I know from personal experience that programming in a Windows environment is not always fun.

I can give an example, just remember: I'm not making this up.

I programmed a application which outputted crosswords into .BMP files. Unfortunately, due to a bug in VB, Windows would apparently "forget" to mark the memory where the .BMP was generated before being stored to the HD as free (Even if I carefully told VB to do it). That meant that the amount of free memory was reduced from between 1MB and 10MB per image. The most weird part is that it didn't ALWAYS happen, in the beginning, the free memory was reduced quite slowly, until 10MB was free (We started out with 80MB free memory), then it would stop reducing free memory for a while, and suddenly decrease the free memory by 10MB, ending the program with a "Out of Memory" error. Fun.

(Oh, and just for your information: You don't always get an error message. Lots of times you just get the "Illegal Operation" message and a register dump which is totally useless most of the time.)

Also, in the court case against NetScape, Bill Gates proved that he is a true asshole by showing a videotape, which apparently showed that IE was far superior to Netscape in terms of speed or something. Unfortunately, it was later discovered that the machine running IE was more than 100Mhz faster.

So I don't really feel sorry for Mr. Gates. He deserves all the hate pages.


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