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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

On Tuesday, May 09, 2000 at 7:43:57 PM kwerkey wrote:
>I mean, yes, they make operating systems that crash more often than drunk drivers, but still, they're the most average-user friendly than other's I could mention (except for Macs, but their software costs too much). For the most part, Linux isn't the best OS to give to your dear sweet grandmother and expect her to learn it in a few hours. Probably the same for other's like FreeBSD, but I've never looked into them.

That's probably why they are starting to make far simpler version of Linux and other OS's so that they can reach a broader user-base.

Even so, I don't give a damn about those other people. **I** can use Linux just fine, therefore I don't give a damn if somebody else has it thrust upon them and are forced to learn it. Perhaps being forced to learn and understand OS's would decrease the number of computer lamers who don't know shit (refering to the ones that act as if they do, I have nothing against the average, knowledgeless users).

>Plus, a lot of pioneering technology was made by them. Their ball-less (much like Gates) mouse won Hardware of the Year for PCGamer, and their Sidewinder series makes very good controllers.
>Well, that's my post of the moment, bye.

Their mice and joysticks can screw themselves. Any other company can make mice. I don't even **like** Microshit mice. And yes, I do have a reason. Reason number one: They're more expensive, I like cheapass $5 mice (the $5 mouse that came with my computer has lasted 17 months and counting, so don't tell me that they're crap). Reason number two: I hate the shape of them. I hate all these brand new, wacky shaped controllers, mice, KEYBOARDS! I HATE those bloody ergonomic keyboards. *Stabs gay keyboards*

In short, Microsoft has not done anything that anybody else cannot do better, except perhaps being gay.

>:Reality sucks, welcome to insanity:

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