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The Current Storyverse Information is always there when you need it!

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00


"In the Riptide area, Azriel is talking to the masses. In an interesting twist of the storyline, the people believes that Azriel is their new president, even if it actually is kwerkey.

Psycho_Sam and kwerkey are standing behind the stage, where kwerkey is explaining to Psycho_Sam that he has to put his insanity aside for a while and help defeat MysteryMan."

Don't forget to mention that Crazy Lou is there too! I know it seems like nitpicking, but seriously, this is where we forget about minor characters and the like. Take Sashie, for instance. Most people always forget to write her into stories even when she SHOULD be around, since she seems like such a minor character (except when it comes to Tridus, hehe).

Thanks, I had completely forgot about her =)

Also, it's spelt "Psycho Sam!" and not "Psycho_Sam."

Okay, okay, that was nitpicking... :P

Indeed it was :P

"RStefan01 and rRaminrodt are on their way out of Psycho_Sams lab."

Yeah, but what are they doing? I honestly forget, hehe.

They're just, um... on their way out of Psycho Sams (Look! I left out the '_' :P) lab. MysteryMans evil soldiers are taking over the place, and there's too many for RStefan01 to kill. Also, rRaminrodt is wounded, so RStefan01 will have to bring him out of danger.


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