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Current Storyverse information

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

I think we all need to catch up on the latest events, it's getting confusing with all those new people and stuff happening =)

Current Storyverse Information

(Sorry, I just suddenly felt the urge to create a red, bold headline, even if it is totally, absolutely and utterly useless here :P)

Tridus and Sashie is with Princess Tatiana (who is playing the role of Sarah) in Tridus' cottage in northern Quebec. They'll probably stay there for a while, seeing it as Tridus hasn't seen his wife for the last 8 years, and they have a lot to talk about.

Edge and BandWidth are in the cottage too, in the living room, confused about why they didn't get teleported to the Riptide area along with RStefan01 and rRaminrodt.

In the Riptide area, Azriel is talking to the masses. In an interesting twist of the storyline, the people believes that Azriel is their new president, even if it actually is kwerkey.

Psycho_Sam and kwerkey are standing behind the stage, where kwerkey is explaining to Psycho_Sam that he has to put his insanity aside for a while and help defeat MysteryMan.

RStefan01 and rRaminrodt are on their way out of Psycho_Sams lab.

Pal is staying in Psycho_Sams lab, hoping that MysteryMans soldiers won't find him.

MysteryMan is probably still somewhere in his spaceship, while his evil troops are clearign out Psycho_Sams lab.

I think that pretty much sums everything up. Comments, anyone?


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