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Casting Call (Storyverse)

Author: rRaminrodt ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

Casting Call

= Riptide California, the cleared lot where the Offices once stood =

People milled about talking to each other, about the disappearance of their leadership, the lack of entertainment in the city and need for better waste disposal services. In the middle of the 'square' stood the not-so-comforting face of Psycho_Sam! and his assistant Crazy Lou.

He was talking to the crowd, "As I tried to explain before, before I was rudely interrupted," he whacked Lou. "You wonderful people don't have a leadership. That’s right they all flew away. And, I, Sam, know that the people need to have a leader. That’s why we should have another election. That way we have a duly, and good, not stupid like last time, elected leader. You with me?"

A large number of people clapped. Some one in the back shouted, "Good Idea Stick man!"

Sam frowned at the name calling, "So tomorrow, we're going to have the election. But no stupid polling booths, no, that’s a waste of money. This time you'll just walk up to my trusty and impartial computer Pal…"

Lou tapped Sam's shoulder and whispered to him.

Sam looked around for inspiration, "You'll just walk up to, hrm, uh, my trusty and impartial friend Crazy Lou here and tell him who you want to be the President. Then he'll announce who's the winner of the election! Sound good?"

The crowd clapped again. Sam smiled maniacally. Lou looked worried. The crowd continued it business that was now laced with talk of the election.


= Tridus’s cottage. =

Edge stared out the window at the peaceful countryside, "Dang. Is it always so boring here?"

Bandwidth smiled.

"I’d really like to get back to the city. But there’s no transportation out here… this is the boondocks for sure."

Bandwidth nodded, "I’m pretty sure Tridus uses sashie to travel. So he doesn’t need a car…"

Edge continued his sentence, "or plane, train, or helicopter, or even a horse. I want out, and the noise their making has started to bother me."

The unusually silent rRaminrodt, who had been lying on the couch on the other side of the cabin, since his lower spine had been broken, spoke for the first time in a while. "Don’t be so childish." He sighed, "but we do need to get back to the land of the living. I’d call a few friends of mine, they have a van, but it would take them weeks to get here. I do have an idea though…"

"Edge can you wake Pal up?"

Edge groaned, "Oh-no. Don’t make me do that."

"I want to talk to him about something."

"Ok, fine. But you have the job of shutting him up once you’re done." He slapped the side of Pals squat tower case.

Pal whined, "What did I do?"

Edge mad an exasperated gesture, "He wants to talk to you."

rRaminrodt, began to talk, "Pal, can you access Cynthia’s systems?"

"Oh don’t make me turn that girl back on. She’s so annoying… you let me shut her down before, why can’t you…"

"Shut up. I don’t want to turn her on. I want to know how her code was transferred into your system. If it’s the same method Tridus uses to travel, Pal can bring us back to Sam’s lab in Riptide."

Edge smirked, "Good Idea. But it banks on a lot of ‘if’s."

"I know, but I’ve seen Tridus do it. And I have a sketchy idea of how it’s done. I hopefully can fill in the blanks in Pals understanding."

"That would be nice…"

Pal moaned, "Okay, I’ll see what I can do."


=Riptide CA. =

The last voter has just walked away from Lou, who is holding a notepad with a tally. He scratches a few calculations on the paper and walks away from the voting spot.

Sam follows him grinning from ear to ear. He grabs Lou's shoulder and whispers into his ear. "Okay now… Just go back up onto the stand and announce my presidency."

"Sam. I can’t do that."

"What? Why not!?"

Lou twitched nervously, "You didn’t win the election."

"AH! That’s impossible. Who won?"

"A fellow named kwerkey. I never heard of him but…"

Sam scowled, "Oh not him. Drat. Okay. Lemme think." Sam paused for a while; "Okay you go up on stage then and announce that the winner is the next in line on your little paper okay."

"That’s not honest Sam."

"I don’t care! You go up there and say that, and we’re in business, GOT IT?"

"Yeah. Okay, sorry."

Lou shuffled up onto the stage and adjusted the microphone.

He gave his paper a look over and stuffed it in his pocked.

"Ahem. As the election taker. I would like to announce our new president…" He took a breath, "President Azriel."

Sam fell down backwards and a man shoved his way through the crowd, and leaped up onto the stage with a single leap.

"Weeeeeel. What a pleasant surprise. I guess the people didn’t vote for a lesser evil after all. He he he he. He shoves Lou off the stage. Now for mah acceptance speech." The man continued to talk while Lou ran over to find Sam.

When he spied him Sam was being lifted up by the collar by someone Lou didn’t recognize.

The man was talking to Sam. "The infamous Psycho_Sam I presume. I know you know who I am. And I know that you know that I know that you rigged that election. So lets just say you’re in big trouble mister……….."

Sam stuttered for a second and then regained his composure, "Listen kwerkey I don’t know what you're talking about."

"I know for a fact that I won the election. I had, or would have had Bandwidths support if he were around. That and I read your assistants mind."

"Erm. Um. Okay, fine. I didn't want this Azriel guy to win anyway. I don't even know who he is, I wanted to be president."

"But you," Sam pointed at Lou. "Don't understand my instructions, I should have been named president…"

kwerkey poked Sam in the shirt, since poking him in his chest would be very difficult. "All we have to do is convince these people that the election results were wrong. All we have to do is tell them."

Sam began to fidget, "I was supposed to be president, I'm sick of having no power."

"Oh stop it." He looked up at the sky for a second thinking, "Okay, how about you get to be my senator? Will that make you happy."

"I'll think about it… I thought about it. Yah!"

"Will you help me now?"

"Sure. I'll just walk up on the stage with Lou and tell them…"

An extremely loud, high-pitched whine coming from above them interrupted Sam's sentence. The entire crowd looked up. Above them hovered large, black painted, triangular ships. Out of one flew a smaller beetle like landing craft, it flew down to a bout a meter above the heads of the occupants of the stage and its main bay door opened up. Standing there was a man flanked by soldiers in dark brown and black armor and spindly evil looking robots.

"People of the community of Riptide." The voice of the figure boomed out toward the crowd, "The time of my return has come. For a long time you have been deceived by false leaders. But no longer, feast your eyes upon the one true president, MysteryMan!"

A light from the inside of the ship turned on and clearly illuminated that familiar face. The crowd gasped.

"I come to you with the promise of order instead of chaos, peace instead of conflict, law instead of disorder. I come to with my true people to reveal to you the insidiousness of people like SM_007, Tridus, Mas, and SoulTaker. Who pledged to be your allies, when in truth, once they found they could not control me they KILLED me!"

The crowed gasped again.

"My true army and I are here to carry out the retribution. But first I must know where this ship of Riptides is. I followed it for a while until it disappeared, so I bequeath the people. Bring me your false leaders, and I will promise you a part of the new future!

My ships will land south of the city and you may bring captives their, leave no stone unturned in your search. My soldiers will also be spreading throughout the city, but do not let their appearance disturb you. They are merely guardians of the True Order. Once all is settled we will use the base of one Psycho Sam, as our headquarters. I look forward to seeing the future!"

He waved and the main body of the ships moved away, toward the south, MysteryMan's own shuttle went up in the air and docked with his command ship. Which then proceeded to follow the others."

Sam jumped up, "My Lab!"

kwerkey grabbed him again, "This isn't the time for that. We need to find a way to fight these guys."


"Listen to me. I am the president after all."

= Tridus's cottage. =

rRaminrodt sighed, "Okay. Fine Pal, I think we can live with that chance."

The computer grumbled.

"Edge, is your note done?"

Edge nodded, "All set."

RStefan01 looked to check pal's connection to Tridus's *very* broadband connection. "This is all set."

"Pal, were ready."

Pal simply began a countdown, "9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…"

The group huddled around the couch slowly began to dematerialize. Everything for the group went to black.


rRaminrodt opened his eyes to an unfamiliar setting, Pal's box set next to him on a table. Something touched his shoulder.

It was RStefan01. "Hey, rRamin. I think something went wrong. I don’t see Bandwidth or Edge anywhere."

"Crud! Pal where are they?"

"I experienced packet loss. I couldn't hold onto them so I dropped their connection and they stayed in the cottage."

RStefan01 sighed, "That’s good. I was worried they'd be stuck inside of some internet limbo."

rRaminrodt smiled, "I hope this isn't too much of a problem… We should find Sam first, who knows what he's been up to."

RStefan began walking to the door. "Yeah."

He reached for the door handle and pulled it open. It lead to the main corridor of Sam's lab.

Just then the front door flung open. A solider boot came down after kicking it and he stepped inside followed by another. Both wore identical body armor and helmets that hid their faces. Through a garbled and vocoded speaker they shouted, "Any and all occupants of this lab will surrender now."

RStefan01 dove back into the room. The soldiers must have spotted him because from the doorway struck out two continuous energy beams, heavily damaging the wall. The two soldiers ran into the room and fired their bulky energy-beam rifles again. RStefan01 ducked behind a file cabinet while rRaminrodt used his forearms to drag himself under the couch.

RStefan01 grabbed some kind of heavy electronic device and hurled it at the head of one of the soldiers. Unable to duck from the unexpected attack the projectile contacted throwing the trooper down and against the wall.

"COMPLETE!" RStefan01 shouted.

He leapt up and grabbed a hanging ceiling lamp and swung up and over the other soldier who was firing wildly at him. He jumped again and landed on his feet behind his target. He grabbed the soldiers helmet and chest and twisted. A loud pop heralded the death of the soldier.

He pulled the gun out of the corpses hand and felt its weight. Holding it he knealt down and pulled rRaminrodt out from under the couch.

"C'mon. We have to get out of here…"

Worry creased rRaminrodt's forhead, "I know."

As Stefan began to lift rRamin onto his shoulder Pal began to whine.

"What if they find me…"

RStefan01 put rRaminrodt down and pulled a couple draweres out of one of the file cabinets. He lifted the cabinet up and put it face down ontop of Pal, where so he was inside one of the open holes.

He banged on the outside of the case. "Now, if you keep quiet they wont find you."

Pal responded with a muffled groan. rRaminrodt and RStefan01 smiled.

"Lets get out of here."



Notes: See the character addition of kwerkey and the soldiers, both I will transfer to their true owners the second they ask. (in the database of course).

Changes by dis Story:

A lot. Tridus and "Sarah" are still in marital bliss. kwerky has been elected president, but the people think that Azriel has been. MysteryMan and his army of robotic Ninjas and soldiers have arrived, they are looking for Riptide members with a vengeance. Pal copied Sashies travel method with partial success bringing rRaminrodt and RStefan01 to Sam's lab. Edge and Bandie are still in Tri's cottage. Oh and rRaminrodt is still paralyzed from below the chest down…

More Notes!:

SM is going to hate me :) there now two storylines going now but you don't have to do both. As a writer you can just stick to Riptide or Quebec or both its your prerogative. Have fun :)

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