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Um... I don't really remember, but I think it was something like this...

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-09 00:00:00

It all began two months ago, when the forum still was v0.2. People were debating on whether anonymous users should have post editing rights and stuff like that. Tridus, being the self-appointed god-like entity that he is, simply ignored the people and decided that anonymous users should not have post editing rights.

Then Sid6.9 started a political campaign for better anonymous rights, as seen in this post:

"Strike down on the tyranny against all anonymous people! We are not animals, we are anonymous. We didn't arrive here as people with names, hell no, we arrived and had the Anon drop on us. We've been hornswageled, bambozzeled, hoodwinked, and now we will rise up against the tyranny of named people, cause we are Anons!

That special announcement was bought and paid for by Sid6.9 Enterprises for a better Anonymous tomorrow...Support the Anons now, cast your vote here!"

And then everybody began debating on the topic of anonymous users. After a while, Tridus, in a moment of infinite insight and wisdom, decided to create the "Election" type post, improve the poll script, and ultimately elect a forum president. He unveiled his plan in this post:

"Ok... in light of all the political strife in here, I believe the only way to solve it is to hold an election.

Over the next few days, I will be modifying the poll script to work on user authentication (to prevent ballot-box stuffing by evil Sid6.9 and DebtAngel supporters), and then we will have a vote.

Although its unclear just what this new position will actually ential, I do know that the winner will get a shiny new President tag denoting their clear victory and new political power to deal with the issues plauging the forum community today.

And remember, cast your vote for Tridus if you want an open, safe and freely accessable forum!"

And that, my friends, is what started this political chaos of backstabbing, betrayal, corruption and election rigging that we witness today! Hooray!


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