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Outraged? I'm barely surprised. This is a country where women aren't allowed to drive a car. They're not allowed to be in the company of any man other than a close relative. They're required to adhere to a dress code that would make a Maryknoll nun look like Malibu Barbie. They beheaded 121 people last year for robbery, rape, and drug trafficking. They have no free press, no elected government, no political parties. And the Royal Family allows the Religious Police to travel in groups of six carrying nightsticks and they freely and publicly beat women. But 'Brutus is an honorable man.' 17 schoolgirls were forced to burn alive because they weren't wearing the proper clothing. Am I outraged? No. . . . That is Saudi Arabia, our partners in peace.
- C.J. Cregg (The West Wing)
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SoulTaker and everybody else

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-05-08 00:00:00

Hey...just for future reference....I am a Canadian. So let's not try to include me mocking my own kind in storees anymore, ok?

Good boy.


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