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(storyverse) The hAx0r cometh (storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-08 00:00:00

The hAx0r cometh

As the sun rose from the horizon, faint light began illuminating Tridus' living room. The riptiders laid sleeping on the floor, and Pal had been moved into a dark corner of the room. Even muted, he was a depressing sight. Even his lights seemed to blink in a disgruntled way. Edge opened his eyes, and looked around the room. Tridus wasn't there, and Sashie neither.

He slowly remembered that someone came in the middle of the night. Damn, if he hadn't been so tired, he would probably have tried to find out who it was, and what actually happned... Nearly everybody woke up when the unexpected guest came, and nearly everybody fell asleep just as fast. Who was it? Apparently a friend of Tridus', or something...

Edge stood up, and looked out the window. Snow... Everywhere. It was all white, except for the two snowmobiles parked beside the cottage. Edge looked to the hill, roughly half a mile away. Wasn't that a third snowmobile? Edge shrugged to himself, and put some more wood into the fireplace. If Tridus' neighbors wanted to leave at 3AM in the night to visit him, sure, why not... As Edge sat down at the fireplace, BandWidth woke up.

"Hey Bandie, how was your night?"
"Not bad considering that I've slept on the floor. What was all that noise in the night?"
"Uhh... I don't know. A friend of Tridus', I guess."
"Oh. Where is Tridus, anyway?"
"Dunno... Maybe in the bedroom."

Edge walked to the bedroom door, and was just about to open, when he heard some deep moaning from inside the bedroom. A female voice. He turned back.

"Uhh... I think he's in there, but I don't think we should disturb them."
"Why not?"
"It seems that they're, um, you know, multiplying."

BandWidth smiled.

"We'd better leave them alone for a while, then."

Suddenly, the was a knock on the door. BandWidth stood up, and opened. Outside stood a freaky black-haired man, dressed in a thick dark jacket. Large black sunglasses covered his eyes.

"Yo dudez."
"Err... Hi. Tridus is... Busy right now. Can I help you?"
"I am )-hAx0r_MaSt3r-(, president of the LHSC, also kn0wn as L33t Hax0r Sp3ak Clan. Phear our l33t skillz! Because we own you all!"

BandWidth stared at the man for a second.

"Umm... Yeah. Right. Whatever you say."
"We know that u ppl r affili4ted w1th Psycho_Sam. Where is h3?"
"He's not here."
"We n33d to talk to him."
"Well, I think he's somewhere in the riptide area... "
"Thanx dude. c u l8r."

Before BandWidth could finish, the man turned away, jumped onto his snowmobile, and drove away. BandWidth closed the door, and looked at Edge, who gave BandWidth the same confused look as BandWidth gave Edge.

Edge sat down at the fireplace.

"Canadians really are weird."

BandWidth looked at Edge, and spoke.

"Hey! I'm canadian!"

Edge looked back.

"Oh. Sorry."


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