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(postbox fun as always) Shadows of the Past.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-07 00:00:00

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:12AM GMT (4:12AM Local Time)

'The world doesn't make sense.'

Tridus' thoughts were confused, twisted, jumping around wildly without making sense... he had no idea what was going on aorund him at all, yet that one thought blazed through the haze that his mind had become.

'The world doesn't make sense.'

Tridus looked out the window of his cottage, his home... indeed, he had no idea what happened. He had told Sashie to go to their secret hiding place, which should have instructed her to go to a base in Syberia after bouncing all over the Internet for about a half hour.

Instead, for some reason she had come here... maybe she had forgotten about that place, it not being used in so long... 'This is home now.' Tridus thought.

The night was light up by a full moon reflecting off the pristine white snow of Northern Quebec, but the rest of Riptide was missing the sight... they were all asleep. Tridus looked at the clock on Sashie and realized that he'd normally be getting up to start the day in two hours... Looking back out the window, he wanted to loose himself in the beautiful sight...

It was shortlived, as he saw what looked like a snowmobile pull over a hill and glide slowly towards the cabin. 'Life doesn't make sense' was his first thought at a snowmobile coming up towards him at this time of day.

Tatiana's Base - Orbit Above North America - 12:37AM GMT

"Subject three is exhibiting suicidal tendancies and severe problems controlling his anger, much larger then anticipated. Due to his actions, we are forced to evacuate. More notes to follow after evacuation. Computer, end note. Save and record all notes to backup disk."

Tatiana tsk'd irritably at that last bit. This losing the base nonsense wasn't part of her plan. Fortunately, her crew was very well trained, and she always had a backup plan.

She walked over to a console and picked up the dvd disk which the computer promply spit out for her, placed it inside a jewel case marked "Research - Important!", grabbed her mirror and hairbrush off her throne, and walked off the command centre of the ship towards the much smaller cargo ship they'd be using to make their escape. She wasn't worried about the rest of her posessions, the crew would see to those.

"Ah well... sometimes in the name of science, sacrafices have to be made." Of course, subject three, or SM_007 as he preferred to be called, was forcing her to sacrafice her base. Well, if nothing else, the excitement of the unexpected twist her subjects had taken was certainly entertaining.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:13AM GMT (4:13AM Local Time)

Sashie sat quietly monitoring usenet for new messages, but all was quiet at this time of night. She wished something would come up to let her alert her daddy. She wished she could sleep. She wished he could sleep. She was confused. Daddy had come back upset, but wasn't talking to her like he usually did. He was just looking out the window. That mean old Pal and Cynthia had come with him too for some reason, but not SM.

She didn't understand. And he wouldn't talk to her... she wished mommy was with them... mommy knew how to make everything all better.

Tatiana's Cargo Ship/Temporary Base - somewhere in Syberia, Russia - 2:34AM GMT (10:34AM Local Time)

"Yes, we'll set up base here for now, underground I think. Begin construction immediately, I have a few things to take care of. In the mean time, be sure to cloak the ship, we don't want anyone discovering us out here."

Several of her crew acknowledged her in their usual "yes my princess" way and continued on their duties, which they already knew of course. 'Well trained, but no personality' is how she described them.

Walking back onto the cargo ship which was serving as a temporary base, she idly wondered if all her crew had made it off the station. She also wondered if the station had survived the damage that subject three had inflicted upon it. She would have to take revenge on someone for that, she loved that station.

And while walking into the ship to get some supplies, she knew just who to go after. Indeed, this would be entertainment!

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:17AM GMT (4:17AM Local Time)

The snowmobile was definately coming to him. Tridus knew that because it was slowing down and moving to park beside his own, which was sitting by the side of the cottage.

'Chuck maybe?' Tridus thought. 'Nah... I didn't order anything... maybe Sashie did to try and make me feel better... but where would he get a snowmobile?' Tridus dismissed the idea of pizza. 'A visit from the neighbors? If they had left three hours ago, they'd be coming in about now...' He dismissed that too. 'Someone who knows where I live and doesn't mind waking me up in a very unstealthy manner.' Although that seemed closest to the truth, he had no idea who fit that description.

But as the snowmobile came to a stop and the driver got off, he knew he would soon have his answer... one way or another.

Tatiana's Cargo Ship/Temporary Base - somewhere in Syberia, Russia - 7:47AM GMT (5:47PM Local Time)

Tatiana looked at herself in her mirror... beautiful. Absolutly beautiful.

Well, if you fell for the drab look anyway. Personally, she knew that her normal style was far more beautiful then this... but it would do.

The mirror was reflecting back at her a woman who was just passing the best years of her life for looks, but she was hardly old... long and dark hair put into several brades sat where she was used to seeing flaming red... her eyes... well they hardly looked like her eyes at all... plain dark eyes had replaced her beautiful baby blue's... well, at least their figures were compirable enough that she hadn't needed much in the way of cosmetic surgey, and thankfully what did have to be done was fully undoable with no discernable side effects... but still, she looked... older. and more plain. It just wasn't right.

She would get used to it though... indeed, this was killing three birds with one stone... she would get her research on the surviving subjects from a whole new angle... she would get a whole new level of entertainment...

And of course, she would get her revenge in a horrific way on someone close to the man who had destroyed her beloved station... well, close enough for her to be able to shift the blame to him from the now deceased SM anyway.

Tatiana laughed... and noticed her voice didn't sound quite like hers either. This would definately take some getting used to... flashing her impish grin at the mirror, at least that hadn't changed.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:21AM GMT (4:21AM Local Time)

The visitor was parked and approaching the door at a steady walk now... Tridus waited. This person had no pizza.

*Knock* *Knock*

Tridus opened the door, and was greated with what looked to be a woman wrapped in a fur coat, wearing a fur hat.

"Hi. Can I help you?" Tridus asked polietly.

Tridus could almost hear his life changing as this womans cheery voice filled his ears... "Yes... *giggle* its been a long time, hasn't it Kylin?"

Unable to speak, Tridus simply stood there gaping as he watched her remove her coat... he already knew who would be standing there, but it was...

Well, Sashie put it best when she screamed... "Mommy!!!!" This snapped Tridus out of his trance and woke up most of the rest of Riptide as well, who were sprawled out in various places on the floor.

Tridus' Cottage - Northern Quebec - 8:23AM GMT (4:23AM Local Time)

This was going even better then Tatiana had hoped... not only had she gotten in, but they were totally duped. She knew she was a good actor... but wow.

While she listened to Subjects one and two, or Kylin and Sashenka as they were known, babble on about something or other, her mind was at work... she had hoped they would be blinded by her appearance and voice and simply take her for who she appeared to be... her acting skills and knowledge of the background of the family would alleviate any doubts... if anyone else in Riptide had any comments, Kylin would convince them in short order of her identity... and with the secret agent gone, well, there was nothing to stop her from getting her research and revenge... how delicious!

With that thought fresh on her mind, she resumed her act in the role of Sarah Rufaze-Talmussan.


For the next several hours, Tridus, Sashie, and Tatiana/Sarah are in Tridus' bedroom of his cabin. Faint murmuring can be heard pretty much constantly, but making out whats being said would be exceedingly difficult at best. Unless the world is coming to an end, it will be well into the afternoon before anybody will respond to knocks on the door of the room either.

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

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