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(storyverse) Sadness (storyverse)

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-07 00:00:00

BandWidth, Edge, Pal and Sashie sat in the comfortable chairs of Tridus' cottage in Canada, watching the show fall outside. No one spoke. They were worried about SM_007 and Tridus. Tridus had taken a quick desicion, putting himself into mortal danger to save his daughter, Sashie, and the other members of riptide. BandWidth feared that it could be his last desicion... He looked into the fireplace. The flames... He visualized how Tridus could be engulfed in the flames of SM_007's hate right now...

Suddenly, a bright light illuminated the cozy living room. As the light disappeared after a few seconds, the body of Tridus appeared. Everybody turned their attention to him.

"Tridus! What happened?", BandWidth exclaimed.

Tridus looked down to the ground, with a sad expression on his face.

"What happened, Tridus? Are you okay?"
"SM_007... Is dead."

The room was quiet for a few seconds. Even if SM_007 had turned against Riptide, he was still known as a hero. Evahl had infested his soul, but people still thought of him as the honourable person who killed Ozerath, not as the master of evahl. This was indeed a day of sorrow.

"The rage that filled him... Was created by princess Tatiana. Finally, in the last minutes of his life, he discovered the truth. Tatiana had played mind games with him. He decided to take her with him when he killed himself."

Tridus paused for a second, and sighed. He, too, was very saddened by SM_007's death, even more than the other members of Riptide. SM_007 had been the single person most close to him... SM_007 had saved Tridus' life, and Tridus had unveiled his past to SM_007. Now... He was dead.

"After beaming me and Pal off the ship, he directed the Bird of Prey against Tatianas space station."

Tridus looked into the fire. He was filled with sorrow inside of him, he had lost a person closer to him than anyone else...

"At least, he finnaly knew the truth. He died in peace."

BandWidth closed his eyes, and spoke.

"Rest in peace, SM_007. We will always remember you."

Seriously, I'll miss SM_007 in the stories. he was one of my favourite personalities. But at least he died in a cool story =)


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