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Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-06 00:00:00

It'd probably be better that you just go back and read them, since you can find them in their proper chronological order in the Directory. I mean, tons of stuff happens, but the stories themselves are generally fairly short (well, aside from my stories, tee hee), so it wouldn't be that hard if you just set aside a bit of time to go and do that. There are different characters (and villains) writtin by various people and whatnot, and a history behind each one.

Here is some recent stuff, though: Psycho Sam! tried to wrest control of the USS Riptide (a Klingon Bird of Prey) from the good guys (President BandWidth, the leader, along with Edge, RStefan01, rRaminrodt and Tridus), and has always been a little unstable. Some old woman at a space station (named Princess Tatiana) has been setting up games, traps and riddles for our heroes to run through just for the heck of it (she gets bored easily). She told SM_007 that his parents and family were killed during tests run by the old government operation that Tridus was a part of, which pushed our favourite secret agent over the edge (he had been in the process of trying to control his evahl), and in the end, he did come back to the "light side" long enough to save Tridus, before going on a suicide run that ended his life...and the life of Princess Tatiana (we assume).

I think that oughtta be everything. At least, that's all I can remember.

Thou Shalt Not Fall

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