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(Post Box Storee) We May Be Through With the Past - But the Past is Not Through With Us

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-06 00:00:00

We May Be Through With the Past
But the Past is Not Through With Us

The blue, humming warp core's glow illuminated one side of SM_007's face, while a red, blinking alert light on the wall painted the other. Tridus found this strangely fitting, since it made SM_007 truly look inhuman, which he seemed to be now.

Tridus stepped towards SM_007, a fierce look of determination about him. Tridus was willing to sacrifice himself to protect his daughter, without a second thought. And to protect his daughter, his friends, his crew and perhaps even more from a man possessed by pure evahl? It went without saying. Tridus had now beckoned SM_007 to finish what he started, and stood in front of the secret agent, waiting. It was SM_007's turn to act, and Tridus knew that today would be the day that he died, if his instincts meant anything at all. He continued his slow path towards the Lord of Evahl.

SM_007 did nothing, yet. He was attempting to gather his bearings quickly enough to show Tridus that what he said had not effected him. Emotions flooded the mind of SM_007, yet sympathy and compassion were not among them. He felt anger, hate, rage combine as the evahl boiled inside of him; he had to unleash it. Worse yet, Tridus had taunted him into this duel, and he could not step away from it now. Could he?

"Tridus, perhaps it is you who is being naive," SM_007 said, finally breaking the eerie quiet. Tridus immediately stopped in his tracks. "You said that you have not done anything wrong. You said that you never used people as guinea pigs. Maybe that's true."

"Of course it's true! I--" Tridus yelled, before being interrupted.

"How do you know that this was not happening behind your back? You have no way of being able to tell, do you?" SM_007 looked at Tridus, who was shaking his head, but knew he could not disprove this. "Mayhaps the other researchers did not tell you and your family because they know you would object to their secret experiments!"

Tridus frowned angrily and came very close to SM_007. The secret agent closed his fists and exhaled loudly. As he did so, reality around him stretched before returning to it's normal state, as if it, too, was taking a deep breath. Tridus took a step back as SM_007 squinted his eyes in disdain at Tridus.

"SM, I am telling you that nothing happened there!"

"Then you are a liar. You don't know."

SM_007 lifted his hand before Tridus could even take a breath, and Tridus was sent screaming into a wall accross the room. As he crashed into it and fell, the agent took a step towards Tridus, and looked upwards. As Tridus was coming to his feet, a large piece of metal tore itself away from the ship's ceiling and came straight down on the head of Tridus, who fell to his knees, clutching at his skull.

"Tridus, I am going to be honest with you," SM_007 said, calmly. "I believe that there is a chance you are telling the truth, and my family was never murdered in the way the letter describes it. But even so, that means someone is lying to me. It means that someone is using me. Tridus, I can't stand it anymore! I am not a puppet, a toy! I--"

SM_007 stumbled backwards for a few seconds, reaching out with his arms as if he were going to fall. Tridus dashed towards him instintivly, forgetting for a few seconds that this man was his enemy. Tridus grabbed SM_007 by the arm, just as SM_007 had regained his composure. He looked at Tridus, straight in the eye.

"It hurts me, sometimes," SM_007 said, a sad expression of hate coming over him. "The rage hurts. My whole life his been a lie, fabricated by someone else. I have never truly been on my own, have I? SideWinder, Riptide, Albatross, and everything else was always me looking for someone to control me, to use me to his or her own will. I've always been blindly loyal. That can't remain the same forever."

SM_007 snatched his arm away from Tridus, who stumbled forward and fell to the ground. SM_007 immediately grabbed the back of his clothing and pulled Tridus to his feet with little effort. Tridus dusted himself off as SM_007 began walking away, towards the engineering bay doors.

"Where are you going?" Tridus asked. There was no answer. "SM, you are confused! I understand! I went through that same hell, of not knowing where to turn, a long, long time ago. Sure, it's worse that your mind is plagued with evahl, but you can't just--"

"Shut up!" SM_007 screamed, turning around suddenly. "Stop trying to patronize me! Stop trying to reason this situation out in your mind, and stop pretending that you understand everything that I have been thinking these last few days. I finally know what I have to do to regain control."

"Oh?" Tridus asked, sarcastically.

"Yes," SM_007 coldly responded. He pulled out his PP7 pistol as Tridus' mouth opened wide. In a moment that seemed to slow down, SM_007 fired a shot at Tridus, who did not have a chance to react. The bullet cut itself into Tridus with burning agony. It wasn't the first time Tridus had been shot, but it did not get any easier. Tridus fell to the ground, clutching his knee, which was now gushing with crimson.

SM_007 looked on for a moment, staring at the Tridus, who was still grimicing in pain and was no longer paying any attention to SM_007. SM_007 lowered his gun, and placed it back in its holster. It was all he could do to stop himself from killing Tridus. As SM_007 left the engineering bay, Tridus heard the warp core behind him powering up. The ship was moving.

SM_007 walked down the hallway, some parts of it still twisting around him, his mere presence causing it to do so. SM_007 knew that he had not even begun to learn to master his newfound and unlocked strength, but it did not matter. Soon he would find a way to silence his mind, forever. SM_007 came to a door, and watched it slide open. It was his room. His quarters. SM_007 strode in, slowly and sadly, and picked up an old, dusty book off of his bedside tale. It read, "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare." SM_007 smiled, clutching it.

Tridus fell into the wall in the hallway, limping and sighing heavily. He had trouble keeping his consciousness, but he had managed to wrap a torn part of his shirt around his ankle, almost enough to stop the bleeding completely, though not quite. Tridus walked down the torn, warped hallway, and headed towards the quarters of SM_007. The door slid open, and Tridus quickly scanned the area. There was no sign of SM_007. Tridus hobbled wearily towards the steel bed, and fell on top of it. The room was spinning, and Tridus knew he was very close to passing out. He looked beside him, and saw what he was looking for.

Tridus reached over, and placed his hand inside the styrofoam. He pulled out the videotape, and smiled. The photographs might have been forged, but a tape? That would be too much. Tridus knew that in his hands lied not only the solution to SM_007's fears, but to his own. He needed to know just what had happened inside that laboratory, behind closed doors. Tridus groaned as he slowly pulled himself to his feet, holding the tape close to him. He once again hobbled, slowly, towards the door, and walked out of SM_007's quarters.

SM_007 let his fear and hate subside as he read some of the poetry and looked over the philosophy in this large, torn book he was holding. He flipped through the pages, tears in his eyes. His anger had now reached a crescendo, his rage enough to destroy anything his heart desired. Even if his family had not been killed by the lab, where were they? He felt Albatross' laughing voice near him, now, and he removed his gun from its holster, dropping the large book. He looked beside him, and saw the old Albatross grinning at him, controlling him. He saw the agents, the Riptide crew, and SideWinder's crew all around him, taunting him. The room was spinning as SM_007 lost control. Suddenly, the door to the bridge opened.

Without thinking, SM_007 fired a shot in the air, firing at everything he hated. The hallucinations, and the ship itself, faded into black, as SM_007 saw Tridus, holding a videotape, fall to the ground, shocked. SM_007 dropped the weapon and dashed towards Tridus, who had a round, red stain growing on his shirt, where his chest was. SM_007 fell, and slid over till he was face to face with his old friend. Tridus looked at SM_007, blinked, then stopped moving altogether.

Tears welled up in SM_007's eyes. He looked at the tape, and picked it up in his hands. Coming to his feet, groggily, SM_007 sauntered over to an old VCR at one of the stations. He placed the tape in the machine, and watched it closely. He saw a black screen, with white, generic text appear on it. It read:

It's not April, but you're the fool! Thank you for all of the entertainment you have provided me, but rest assured that this is not the end. More challenges will be coming your way very soon, so keep your eyes peeled, boys! Talk to you later!

-Princess Tatiana

Tears streamed down SM_007's face, the rage subsiding. He looked over at Tridus, who was laying quietly on the ground, and slowly stepped his way over towards him. Leaning over, SM_007 placed his hands on Tridus' chest, and closed his eyes. As he did so, the hole in Tridus' heart closed, and SM_007 fell down, backwards, exhausted.

Tridus blinked again, then gasped for breath, sitting up quickly. He clutched at his forehead, in pain, and looked over to see SM_007's body. Looking around the room, he saw the black screen with the message from Princess Tatiana. He stood up, and began to walk over to SM_007, who was not moving. Tridus kneeled over and saw that SM_007 was still breathing. SM_007 opened his eyes, and looked around, confused.

"What happened?" Tridus asked, looking at his own, blood stained shirt. SM_007 looked up at Tridus, and smiled knowing that he was alive, and so was Tridus. He stood up, slowly, with Tridus helping him. They both looked at the black screen, and SM_007's happiness melted away, leaving rage.

"I used a lot of my power to bring you back to life, Tridus," SM_007 declared, walking towards the captain's seat. "But this is not over yet. Do you remember what I said about taking control of my life? About being manipulated?"

"Wait, you brought me back to--"

"I am finally going to put a stop to these games," SM_007 continued, ignoring Tridus, who was looking at the viewscreen, and saw an old space station coming up in front of them. SM_007 sat, determined, as Tridus walked up beside him. "This is the woman who will haunt us until the day we die unless I finally show this galaxy that I cannot and will not be controlled any longer. I am now a threat, aren't I, Tatiana?"

"What are you trying to do, you fool?" a voice responded over the PA system. It was the old woman herself. "Slow your course, now! You are going to collide with my station. Haven't you noticed that no one ended up getting hurt from my games? Hm? But, okay, okay, you've made your point! This game is over!"

SM_007 smirked evahlly.

"Oh, on the contrary. It has just begun."

"SM, what are you doing?" Tridus asked, panicking. SM_007 looked up towards his scared friend and realized there was one piece of the puzzle that he had forgotten. SM_007 stood up, and spoke into the air as Tridus looked at him, puzzled.

"Cynthia, I am restoring transporter control to you. Please beam Tridus down to the surface, where the rest of the crew is. That secret place he didn't want me to find out about," SM_007 asked, smirking at Tridus as he said that. "Can you do this for me?"

"No! Stop scaring me!" Cynthia responded. "I don't want to crash into that space station over there!"

"Sm, she's right. Don't destroy yourself, too!" Tridus declared. "Dammit, this is not worth it! Fire a freaking photon torpedo, if you have to! Arrest her! But don't take this ship down with you just to stop her!

"Listen to your friend!" Tatiana responded. "You are making a big mistake."

"No, you made a big mistake," SM_007 said, shaking his head, then looking over to Tridus. "This is the only way, Tridus. I am sorry. I can't trust myself, and you can't trust her. Two birds with one stone. Now, go! Please! Just once, please listen to me!"

"Cynthia," Tridus said, sadly. "Do ask SM_007 asks."

Cynthia beeped.

"Okay, uncie Tridus. I'll be okay, right?"

"Yeah, you'll be fine."

"See you soon, then, uncie Tridus!"

Tridus disappeared quietly, without saying a word. SM_007 looked at the station on the viewscreen, then hsi eyes went wide with an idea. SM_007 ran over to one of the work stations, working frantically.

"Uncie SM, are we going to stop the ship soon?"

"No," SM_007 replied, still working like mad.

"But I'm scared!"

"Then leave. Goodbye, Cynthia."

SM_007 pressed a button and looked on as part of the computer around him disappeared. Cynthia, recently hooked up, had been beamed off of the ship, along with Pal, who had been muted during this entire time. SM_007 smiled faintly, then quickly sat back in the captain's chair. He had to control the ship manually, by himself. The ship sped up, seconds away from impact.

"Why do this?" Tatiana asked.

"To find peace," SM_007 said, sitting back in his chair, relaxed. He looked down at his William Shakespeare book, and remembered his favourite line from Hamlet. He closed his eyes, allowing the world to slip away from him as he quieted his mind and outside distractions. He whispered quietly to himself as the Riptide collided with the space station, the two exploding and fading into the darkness of space.

"The rest is silence."

Tridus walked up to Sashie, picking her up. She was asking if he was okay, but he could not respond. The rest of the team was making sense of the situation around him. Tridus simply walked by them as they bickered on how they would get their ship back. He'd have to tell them when the rock in his throat was gone. He took Sashie and sat down, cradling her in his arms, his eyes closed.


Thou Shalt Not Fall

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