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My grayscale stuff has much more lines than this.

Author: El cazador ()
Date: 2000-05-06 00:00:00

When I'm doing grayscale, I go for textures, for shades, for the lil itsy bitsy lines and points that make a tendril look grossy and gives it some volume. I'm leaving all those things and details to color now, and testing how it looks.

The thing is, the more detail I put on a pic, the harder it is for me to paint it, so I have to reach a middle point, where I can afford to have some detail and the painting time is still acceptable. I'd love to go all out on this things, but I just can't. It'd just take too long and I could lose my motivation if I start getting frustrated.

However, I'm thinking the amount of quality I put on the litle orc there is fair enough. If you look at the line detail, it's almost non-existant. Compare the lines work of the orc with previous grayscale stuff of mine and you'll notice the difference.

The project will probably go off with art as good as the orc one. I like the way it looks anyway, and I did it in a reasonable amount of time, so it's doable.

And thanks for the compliments!

El cazador

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