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(Post Box Storee) Violent Reaction

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-04 00:00:00

Violent Reaction

The dim, yellow light flickered on the dark, dusty, metalic wall inside of SM_007's room. His mouth open and gaping like a fish, SM_007 stared at the glimmering light as a small boy might be fascinated by fire. This couldn't be any closer to the truth, as SM_007's very own cracking mind was seeing nothing but flames. In the darkness of the wall, he saw a familier ship burn as its crew attempted vainly to control a force they unleashed and could not possibly understand.

This wasn't a preminition, SM_007 came to understand. This was a desire.

SM_007 blinked a few times, and allowed himself to come back to reality. Stretching his legs, he stood up and walked over to his bed, and looked over at the package that was now torn open. Sitting on top of the small heap of cardboard and styrofoam was a white, crumpled letter. SM_007 picked it up, staring at it intensely as he did so. As he stood up completely straight, looking over his bed, he heard the door open behind him. Right on time, too.

SM_007 spun around, the letter in his hand. Tridus walked into the room from the hallway, carrying a beam of light with him, which dissipated as the door slid shut, leaving SM_007 back in his cage of darkness. SM_007 could sense Tridus' disgust as he looked about SM_007's quarters one more time. At least Tridus had agreed with SM_007 that he did not belong here. The only difference was that one of them was planning a way to leave it all behind.

"So, what's up with the letter?" Tridus asked in a happy tone, which SM_007 knew was simply a facade. Tridus was not only disturbed by SM_007's recent leanings towards his path of evil, but he was almost afraid. SM_007 liked that. Still, he knew that Tridus was more than interested in the letter, almost like a child who wanted to hear the latest gossip in the schoolyard. SM_007 didn't like that. It annoyed him, especially since the letter itself was the straw that broke the camel's back, causing SM_007 to embrace a darkness no one could understand.

"Here," SM_007 said, attempting to remain as calm as possible. Tridus snatched it away from SM_007's icy hands and looked it over. SM_007 looked intently at Tridus, waiting for some signs of guilt or innocence to appear accross his face. Tridus' visage went from interest, to shock, and finally, to disgust. Tridus looked up at SM_007 with complete and utter confusion, mixed with anger. SM_007 could sense Tridus' fear rising, but couldn't be sure if it was because SM_007 had found out the truth or if it was because he was afraid of what the evahl one was planning.

"SM, who...who sent you this? What is it?" Tridus asked, stumbling over his own words. SM_007's head cocked to the side a little as he watched Tridus with the curious interest a scientist might put in a lab rat. "This isn't true at all! I don't get it..."

"I know, Tridus," SM_007 said reassuringly, breaking his awkward silence. "I know you didn't do any of that stuff. It's okay. I just...wanted to see what you thought of it. I just wanted to show you what was in this letter."

Tridus nodded, frowning.

"Anyone could have written this. I'll see what I can do, okay?" Tridus asked, waiting for an answer that didn't arrive. After a few moments of staring into the unreadable eyes of SM_007, Tridus nervously composed himself, then turned around and began heading for the door to the room.

As the door slid open, a sense of urgency befell SM_007, who felt as if someone was asking him to hurry up. He felt a sensation similar to millions of quiet voices commanding that it was now or never. Without hesitation, SM_007 quickly came up behind the unsuspecting Tridus, and grabbed him by his throat, bearing his teeth in pure disdain for this universe. Tridus fell backwards on top of SM_007, who held onto his rock-like grip of Tridus' throat.

Tridus grasped at SM_007's arms frantically, but it was of no use. Tridus, still panicking, had not even begun to gather his bearings. Tridus, acting out of pure instinct, threw his arms and legs around behind him, attempting vainly to force SM_007 to let go. He realized, as his vision began to blur, that this was going to be impossible, and that there was no escape. Sashie wasn't there, and he could not speak, nor cry for help. Tridus attempted to hit SM_007 one or twice in the head with the back of his arm, but there was no effect. Soon, after a quick and final attempt for air, Tridus' body went limp as he fell unconscious.

SM_007 threw the body off in disgust and stood up, straightening his tie and coat. He looked down at Tridus, who was breathing heavily in his slumber, his blue face beginning to regain some colour slowly. He wanted to kill Tridus, regardless of rather or not he murdered his family, or if the letter was true. His entire life had been a lie, people using him. No more. With the only entity beside him being evahl, he felt complete as he walked over to the door of his quarters. It was locked, as always.

SM_007 smiled as the door slid open at his will. He walked out into the hallway which was lit slightly more than his room, yet seemed blinding. He blinked and watched as the door behind him closed, trapping Tridus. At least, trapping him for the time being. SM_007 began to stride down the hallway, and as he did so, the walls behind him tore open, crumbled, and blew apart, only enough to leave some superficial damage. SM smiled at the hell he could now raise.

As SM_007 approached the door to the engineering room, the trail of minor explosions behind him came to a stop. No doubt the crew had become aware of the damage and someone was on his way right now. As SM_007 walked through the door to the engineering bay and saw the heart of the ship, rRaminrodt spun around and stared at the visibly shaken SM_007 in shock. He began to walk over to SM_007 when he was suddenly thrown backwards, his spine letting out a sickening crack as he slammed into the side of the warp core. rRaminrodt fell to the ground, grimacing in pain. When he looked up, SM_007 was standing over him.

Before rRaminrodt could pose any questions, SM_007 had picked him up with one hand, holding rRaminrodt's broken body over his head. He tried to come up with a creative way to end this man's life, but since he could see that rRaminrodt was already beginning to unravel his tentacles in a panic, he threw the man with great force into the nearest bulkhead, rendering him unconscious. Finally, SM_007 felt, a sense of pure control. There wasn't much time, so SM_007 knew he would have to destroy rRaminrodt later.

The door to the engineering bay opened noisily as SM_007, standing in front of the warp core, glanced over. Edge and RStefan01 dashed into the room, prepared for battle, but found only SM_007, grinning ear to ear. They both stopped several metres away from him, on the other side of the bay itself. They would not fire, SM_007 knew, if there was a risk of damaging the ship itself.

"SM_007!" Edge called out. "What's going on?"

SM_007 responded with actions. RStefan01 picked Edge up by the throat, now under the control of SM_007. He began to crush Edge's throat as SM_007 turned around and faced the warp core. SM_007 lifted both of his hands out, and placed his palms on the core and felt the raw power pulsating through it. He closed his eyes and spoke. As he did so, the entire ship heard him speak.

"This ship is now under my control. I can sense your every motion, BandWidth, and you are going to hand this ship over before evacuating. You will leave Tridus here so I can deal with him personally. Do not try to stop me, as you are planning to already as I say this," SM_007 said, taking a deep breath. "It will fail because I am inside of you all now. Leave."

SM_007 turned around and faced RStefan01, who was still choking out Edge, who was beginning to turn pale, much as Tridus had done before him. With a thought from SM_007, RStefan01 threw Edge's body accross the room. SM_007 snapped his fingers, and RStefan01 fell to the ground, deactivated. SM_007 sighed as he remembered that he'd have to transport the rest of the crew to the surface later on. He also sighed as he sensed BandWidth beginning to form a plan. He had been warned already.

SM_007 once again straightened his suit as he began to head to the bridge, the evahl flowing freely through him now, and warping the walls around him as he went through the hallways of the ship. Tridus and rRaminrodt were beginning to awaken, he knew. Sashie, Pal and Cynthia were all on the bridge, hooked up to the ship's main systems. This might take longer than he thought. But at least there would be no way to stop him with force. SM_007 approached the door to the bridge, and took a deep breath, seemingly rejuvinating himself, before he opened it.

Thou Shalt Not Fall

(Post Box Storee) Violent Reaction - SM_007 - 2000-05-04 00:00:00
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