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Re:do you have a context for it, like where its setup or what its doing?

Author: SoulTaker ()
Date: 2000-05-04 00:00:00

>I've never heard that term myself, so I can only guess. But generally a gateway is a type of on the fly converter, taking one kind of data and sending it to another type of system in real time so the two can communicate. IP based would most likely mean that its using the IP protocol.
>As for exactly what its doing, I'd need to find out what type of environment its setup in to even create a guess. Maybe its a fancy type of router?

Well, the reason that I need it is because I'm applying for a job at Motorola.

Quoted from the job article (translated from danish):

The most important thing is, that you have ambitions to program software for IP based Data Gateways, and that you can program in C. But we expect that you have knowlegde about the principles of real-time design, that you've been working with UNIX or embedded systems, and that you have a structured programming technique.

I don't know anything about IP based Data Gateways - but Motorola is supposedly willing to 'educate' me on that topic. Still, I'd like to tell them that I at least know something about the subject.

But I have no idea which environment it's going to run in. I guess it'll be UNIX, since the article mentioned that.


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