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The Pentium's floating point unit is said to comply to IEEE fp standards. If you're on an airplane with a Pentium-powered air data computer, how is IEEE pronounced?Aieeeeeeeeeeeee!
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R3450n5 I 4m 4 G00d c4ndid4a73

Author: Anonymous (CuJ0)
Date: 2000-05-04 00:00:00

I 4m 1337.

Uhhh, I 7hink 7h47'5 7h3 0n1y r3450n 70 v073 f0r m3 4c7u411y, bu7 y0u d0n'7 n33d 4n07h3r r3450n!

V073 f0r CuJ0! CuJ0 i5 1337!

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