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As MysteryMan is skipping happily...

Author: Reed ()
Date: 2000-03-05 00:00:00

Note: For those good little kids, some language is below

MysteryMan skips happily, after he is told that Tridus will teach him how to be in the Death Matches. He overhears Adun975 say he wants to be like MysteryMan some day. MysteryMan walks over to Adun975.

MysteryMan puts his arm on Adun's shoulder. "You want to be like me, eh? Can't blame you! Well, to get popular, you need to kick someone's ass!"

Adun looked confused. "Who's ass do I kick?"

"Um, well...any kid. Just pick a fight with him, and soon you'll be popular like me!" MysteryMan walks away humming a tune.

Adun looks around the street, and he sees a kid he doesn't know. Adun ran over to him. "Hey, you suck!"

The kid screams, "Go suck yourself!"

"Well, when I'm done with you, you'll be able to suck the back of your head!"

Adun leaps at the kid, and punches him.

ATTENTION: Some people don't like to see or hear violence, so let's skip to the finish.

"Who's ass got kicked now?" Adun, with dirt on his face, mixed with blood, stands over the kid on the ground who is gasping for breath.

Adun, now with a black eye, walks off happily.

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