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It was a twisted movie, but cool, also teaches you how to create a cult following...

Author: Tyrant~|TOA| ()
Date: 2000-05-03 00:00:00

But hey.

My friend and I might start a fight club here. The rules are simple and we are always getting into fights anyway, so why not make it a bit more enjoyable.

But to comment on the movie...

Brad Pitt's character was not completely an alter ego. After all. When Brad fights the guy (or himself) and you see through the security camera's there is no way a person can drag themselves accross a floor like that.

Their are also a few other little quirks in the movie that are just goofy. But it is a cool movie.

I thought it sucked when I was watching it. But after it was over, and I thought about it. It just Kinda clicked. Like a puzzel and I was like WOW, that was a FU**ING A MOVIE. SO I have to rent it again or burn it to my com like The 6th sence (289 MB 2 parts medium quality) But anyway.

Good chance a Fight Club will start in my area. We even have $***,***.** money to build a place or whatever. hehehehehehehehe.

Senator Tyrant (running for 2nd Term)

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