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Yep that was my mistake

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-05 00:00:00

On 3/5/00 at 22:09 Dark Lord Tridus wrote:

All I needed was 2 Dark Archons with Feedback and the match would have been different, maybe. :)

2 DA's with 6 feebacks apiece own 12 Battlecruisers with only a psi storm needed to kill them off. Damn it, I never had the money to research it though, and didn't think of it til the end when I didn't have a Templar Archives anymore. Heh heh you owned me dude. Good Game.

>Brave guys, they followed those cruisers all over the map.

>At the end I had 5 cruisers with an average of 50 HP, and 2 sci vessels, so I had lots of d-matrix. :)

>And the actual reason why his carriers lost was because I was at 3/3, and he wasn't, so they just weren't doing very much damage. I also kept on Yamatoing cannons and costing him money. :)

>And yes, my bases had no defense becuase it was all spent on offense, although I do feel sorry for that lone medic. I was kinda wondering where the Dark Archons were... :)

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