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UPS - Moving at the speed of your twisted manacial games!

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-03 00:00:00

Tridus sat in the meeting, not paying even the slightest attention. These meetings were so boring, especially with more important things going on...

'blah blah blah' Tridus thought as someone was speaking, he didn't really know who. 'maybe I can get Sashie to conjure up some kind of execuse so we can get out of here... yeah... maybe a flood or a packet storm or a hacker or something... anything! I mean if I have to listen to this...'

His train of thought, as well as the meeting, were interrupted by Cynthia chiming in.

"Excuse me uncie BandWidth. Sorry to interrupt, but there is brown van parked outside the ship, with a person holding a box outside of it looking for a way in. I think its a UPS delivery person."

"I'll get it!" Tridus said while picking up Sashie and running out the door. In fact, he was out the door before anyone else could even respond.

After he had cleared the door by about fifteen feet, Tridus slowed down to a walk and headed for the transporter room.

"*yawn* Daddy, whats going on?" Sashie asked. She had fallen asleep during the meeting, and Tridus surmised the jostling of him running had woken her back up.

"Just picking up a delivery sweetie."


Tridus walked into the transporter room, and after a few seconds and some shimmering, they were standing outside the ship not ten feet from the very surprised UPS delivery guy.

"umm.." he stammered. "Is this Riptide?"

"Yeppers." Tridus responded cheerfully. "Whatcha got?"

"Just one package for a SM_007."

"Oh, well he's busy right now, I'll sign for it."

"Ok." The UPS guy handed Tridus the digital pad, which he quickly signed and returned. After that Tridus was handed the box, and a few seconds later he shimmered and disappeared again. The UPS guy just looked on in shock for a moment, then rubbed his eyes, shook his head, got back in his van, and sped away.

Back on the ship, Tridus looked at the package. Just big eough to be a set of computer parts... it was hard to resist not opening it. "Cynthia, scan this package for explosives, poisons, gases, and other nasty traps."

"Scanning... nothing found uncie Kylin."

Tridus sighed. He had to remember somehow to reprogram her to stop calling him that.

After that thought had passed, he quickly walked to SM_007's room which served as a psuedo dungeon. Of course, his door was still locked, it virtually always was.

Tridus sighed at that. This wasn't really fair to him... There was better ways of keeping tabs on him without putting him in a virtual prison... with that thought, he pressed what passed for a doorbell button.

"Come in." came from inside.

Tridus pushed the unlock button and walked in.

SM was lying on his bed looking up at the ceiling again. Tridus hated seeing him like that.


"Oh... hi. I thought you had a meeting?"

"Yeah, but it was boring and I was saved by a delivery. Here." Tridus walked over and handed SM the package.

"I scanned it to make sure it was clean of booby traps, it is. I didn't look at what was inside though."


"Well, I'll be seeing ya then..." Tridus walked out and back to his room, wondering just what was in that box.

SM opened the box and looked inside, wondering why someone would send him a package here. Inside it was most strange, there was a file folder full of photographs, another one with documents, a videotape, and a sealed envelope.

SM opened the envelope first and read it quickly. The contents did not bring a smile to his lips.

To: Agent 007
Mr. 007,

Recent events have enabled me to track you down and confirm your identity. I regret that I have to inform you of some very grim news indeed.

As you may already be aware, several years ago a secret Government of Canada project was running in the far north to create new weapons and missile defenses. What you may not be aware of is the methods used to conduct several of the experiments.

The scientists at this facility were twisted, warped by their insane goals. When new technology was developed and they didn't feel it was safe to test it themselves, they used involuntary subjects obtained by any means they could, including low ranking millitary personnel who weren't told of the dangers, taking people off the streets of major cities under the guise of helping with research for money, and in some cases, outright kidnapping.

Many of their subjects suffered severe mental trauma, and several did not survive. Peridocially the subjects who had suffered too much damage to be useful were simply thrown out into the Artic days to fend for themselves. None survived.

From what I understand, your memory has been damaged, so you may not remember events of the time. But your entire family was brought there and they were all used in this way. You disappeared from there at one point shortly before the facilities destruction, and we assumed you had been killed by them as well, however shortly after the bases destruction in the south. Recent information indicates the villain known as "Albatross" from the future captured you and conditioned you during that time so that if necessary he could use you in his schemes, as he tried to do recently.

I understand this may be very difficult for you to understand because of the damage done to your memory by the experiments and then again by Albatross, so I have enclosed documents, photographs, and a surveillence film from the facility around that time which will verify what I have said.

Because of the need for secrecy in this matter against the Government of Canada, I cannot tell you my identity. I am only giving you this information so that you can know the truth, and see justice done as you see fit. Knowing your skills, you will be able to contact me if you need to. If you do so, please do it discreetly, of course.

Fair thee well, Agent 007.

- Anonymous

SM looked at the note... icy professional calm overtook him as he examined the documents and photographs... he noted he didn't have a VCR handy to play the tape in though... after looking it all over, he repacked it all in the box and looked at it...

From her command throne on the bridge of her cloaked warship in orbit, Tatiana was busying herself with brushing her long flaming red hair and watching the one known as SM_007 on the viewscreen. She silently thanked the gods that the Riptiders hadn't learned how to block her ships adaptive sensors yet, indeed watching the Riptideres was the most fun she had experienced in a long time.

Idly pondering how to taunt BandWidth again when she next hailed him, she hoped that SM would take the bait of the story she had prepared for him... how much would he believe? what would he do? Would he suspect her?

Watching the viewscreen, such questions and how the people below reacted to her games and schemes, now *that* was science! The thought brought an impish smile to her lips.

... to be continued, by whoever feels like writing next. :-)

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

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