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Saturday Night Gaming Battle Report--The Evil Tyrant

Author: Sid6.9 ()
Date: 2000-03-05 00:00:00

Battle Report for Saturday Night Gaming- Sid6.9 vs. Lord_Tridus

Map- Heartwood- 4-Player Map- All starts in corners-Map similar in nature to Hot Zone.

Evil Tyrant “Lord_Tridus”-Red-Top Right start-Terran-Selected


The Happy Hero “Sid6.9”-White- Top Left Start- Protoss- Selected

Pregame chat-

I was playing in a team game with EdgeMaster as my partner (We were Terran) when my brother decided it would be funny to quit the game, and leave battle net. I re-logged back on after sending my brother home and found Tridus sitting in channel Riptide by himself.

We started talking about how our brothers and sisters were jerks and such. Then I told him about how when playing as Terran I always suck with them. He said he loved them, and thought tank pushes were the bomb. I asked if he wanted to play a quickie, to which he replied “Oh Hell Yeah”! So off I went to make the game. I wanted a map that was not to big and not too small. So Heartwood came across my eyes and I was like, okay I never played it, but I did look at it, so it should be fun…

We start the game with me in the upper left position. Now with me knowing Tridus’s love for his tank pushes, and be it there are 2 entrances into the mains, I decided I needed to work on getting as many zealots before a push would come. (Tridus likes to do tank pushes with more than 3 tanks) So I decided an early expansion would benefit me more, then trying to attack him early on. I started my build order very conventional…

probes up to 7

7- Pylon

9- Gateway- Sent Probey the Courageous Probe out to scout my enemy in “Tyrant Tridus”.

11- Gateway and another Pylon

13- Gas

14 Cybercore and Forge

16- Citadel of Adun and started my first upgrade on weapons…

Now during my build, Probey the courageous Probe was sent out clockwise to find my evil Terran foe. And loe and behold he found him in the first place I looked, Woo Hoo! Probey surveyed the base seeing a double racks with gas being started. Okay, all signs pointing to a Heavy Metal Build right now (Or so I thought). I then sent Probey down, to try to through off my foe on the direction I was located. At that time my first 2 lots popped out of their Gateways and promptly greeted me with “En Taro Adun!” I was excited to see them, so I queued up 2 more while Probey was going to the bottom right of the map with a SCV in close chase. I guess Lord_Tridus the evil tyrant he is, got scared that his SCV got separated from the others and brought him back to his troops (Or so I thought).

Nope, the Lord of Darkness sent his evil little SCV to see what my base beheld. Buhahahah I exclaimed as that little SCV came directly into my 5 zealots and screamed in terror as they dispatched him quickly to my pleasure. About this time, Probey the courageous Probe made his way over to the lower left starting location and started a Nexus and a Pylon. My Nexus from above pumped out some new probes that went directly to the new Nexus warping in. As I pumped a few more lots and put up some cannons at my expansion and by my probe line at my main in case this evil tyrant in Lord_Tridus tried any funny stuff by dropping marines or vultures there. All was going to plan, I started my speed booties and all was good, I sent a zealot over to his base to see what kind of defense he had, and went down and started to put my Probes to work at my first expansion. I looked up to see if my lone zealot warrior had made the sacrifice I needed to know what Lord_Tridus was trying to do, but saw the same buildings and nothing new. I was thinking, “That can’t be… Oh my fucking god!” Tridus had 8 Firebats with 4 Medics come right into my 9 Zealots and tear them a new A-Hole. He didn’t lose a fricking one of them, as he laughed at me over his evil intercom. I just sat there with my mouth open as he began to tear my Main right up. I stopped making zealots and cancelled the speed booty upgrade (It was only half done), but my weapon upgrade managed to finish just in time, and thank god, cause it came in handy later on…

I immediately had enough money to get my High Tech buildings up at my expansion, as it will now be known as Main 2. Tridus meanwhile trashed my main, thinking it was the only base I had. I chuckled to myself as he finished off razing my Extractor in Main 1. By now I have 9-10 probes on the 6 mineral patches and 3 going extractor. I looked to see if he had put up an evil expansion yet, and to my pleasure, he hadn’t. I also noticed his main had absolutely no defense what so ever. But I only had 1 zealot and I knew it was a moot point to waste him trying to attack a base that could quickly kill him. So I set to mining and sent “Probey the courageous Probe” to Main 2’s cliff natural and started another Nexus. Woo Hoo, I was still leading in the race of expansions, but not in units. At that time I only killed one SCV and nothing else, while losing countless Probes, 12 Zealots, and a whole base. Shue, I was getting my tailed kicked. About this time my Probe in his natural went boom, so uh-oh, he started an evil expansion.

Now, knowing the evil tyrant Lord_Tridus, he was going to play around with me, and do a tank push for shits and grins. I knew I couldn’t get enough Zealots to stop it, so since I re-put up my Tech buildings before he finished off my main, I started a Templar Archives, and 3 new Gateways. At the time all 4 buildings popped up at the same time. I started my Psi Storm research, and started up 2 Templars from one gate and 2 Dark Templars from the other 2. As soon as the first popped out I sent him over to the bottom right main, hoping it be empty so I could make it my own. Sufficed to say it was not. But he had no defense there, and my DT had a field day tearing up his Satan like little workers mining so evilly. Remember folks Lord_Tridus is the Evil one! * Pinky to his lower lip *

The evil tyrant Lord_Tridus was displeased with my happy go lucky DT and lifted up his CC and sent those flaming little batty things and with sparkles in the sky, my very good DT was dead. All of Shakurus shudder at the death of this brave DT. Lord_Tridus being the evil little bugger he is decided to do his tank push. At the time I had 5 little happy DT’s and 3 Templar, with Psi researched. Lord_Tridus smelling victory came in with 8 tanks. At this time I had started up 2 Starports. Suddenly my base was under siege by them damned evil Tanks. Being to far away for an effective storm I sent 2 of the 5 DT’s out to quell these tanks. My DT’s arrived and proceeded to swipe at these tanks. I laughed, “Ha, ha he doesn’t have any marine and bat support.” But then the sky sparkled blue, and in ran about 30-40 infantry. “Oh crap, he did remember to bring some.” He unsieged his remaining 5 tanks and moved forward, ohh so to forward as my first Templar laid down a perfect Psi Storm that rained goodness down on their evil asses. But alas my poor Templar felt the wrath of Arclite Siege fire. But his lost was for a good cause, as I killed 4 tanks and about 10 infantry troops. The evil Lord_Tridus screamed at this, and yelled curses at me, while I screamed at my computer screen “Cry Havoc, and lets unleash the Dogs of War!” He obliged me by sending his remaining troops straight into my base to wreak havoc. I lost many cannons, my gates, and almost my Nexus there. But my Main 2 was mined out. I dispatched them with my 3 remaining DT’s and the day was mine!

At this time, I sent who else but, “Probey the courageous Probe” to Main 1’s cliff expansion. Started his Nexus there and Pylons with Cannons and 2 Gateways. I proceeded to pump DT’s and started my Fleet Beacon, hoping my foe was going to do more evil tank pushes.

The Battleground was quite for quite awhile. The Evil Tyrant Lord_Tridus was doing something, I knew it. How did I know it? Well evil is always doing something. But good, as I am, was also doing something, pumping out carriers and upgrading their armor, weapons, shields, and getting more interceptors. I was happy, but not happy enough, as I needed to know what he was up too. I made a Observatory and sent 3 observers over the map. What I saw froze me in terror. That Evil Tyrant had some very evil and ominous 2-2-2 Battlecrusiers headed my way, with Science Vessel support. And if I know this evil tyrant, he certainly would have EMP, which stands for “EVIL MACHINE that kills all good PROTOSS.” He moved in, I moved out with my 6-1-2-2 carriers to meet him at the edge of my expansion by Main #2. At this time, Main #1’s cliff expansion came on line as I got my probes to mining and queued up 5 DT’s as my Observer made his way into the Evil Main Base to see…


At about the time I had 8 DT’s, I also had a Arbitar pop out at the same time 12- 3-3-3 Cruisers of evil started to shoot my cannons with there evil little Yamato Guns. He moved in, I moved at him with my 8- 2-2-2 carriers. But I knew he would win, so I remained at the edge of my base and coaxed him in, where with several Psi Storms, I chased him off, cursing and screaming and spitting at me the whole time. In fact I felt he was surprised when he said…

“Holy Shit, how did you get those?”

I felt like saying, “Because I have expanded, again, and again, and again.” But felt he didn’t need to know that. I started another expansion at my main #1 as we now had the same # of Expos. I then felt that his base needed me to pay a visit. I sent my 10 DT’s into his base, killing an expansion along the way, and went into his main that was protected by….


Needlessly to say, I killed them dead, and razed his main. He being the evil one that he is, lifted his buildings and floated away with them. My DT’s just sat and stared at one another. I then sent them to destroy his other expansions and they did so, as he chased them around with his Battlecrusiers and Sci Vessels. Heh heh I said as he exclaimed…

“Damn how many of those things did you make?”

“Remind me next time to research Irradiate”

I said “Okay”, Yeah right! But he had enough. He sent in his armada and flattened my Main 2’s e mined out expo and the Main base #2 in no time. In fact I forgot about my carriers and the slaughtered themselves by charging into the Battlecrusiers one at a time…I exclaimed…


As they could have turned the tide for me. I laid down 3 gates and another Cybercore at my original Main Base and began Goon production. I tried to get a few more Templars but alas he took down my TA and I never rebuilt my Citadel of Adun after that tank push…


I exclaimed to him that he would be displeased as to what he would see next, as he would be seeing 24 goons in the near future. What I didn’t know was that he had SCV’s following his Battlecrusiers. I knew I had to take out his BC’s first before engaging his floating buildings, which were everywhere now. SO the final battle saw my good little Goons get EMP’d and destroyed handily by his evil Crusiers. I tried to run to another Expansion, but they were cut off by his evil Crusiers. I Psi stormed time and time again, killing his SCV’s and about 6 BC’s with the other 5 in the red bad. But with only one goon remaining and no more Templars, the game was his. Damn the Evil Tyrant was victorious with nothing but 5 red Crusiers and floating buildings left. I was slaughtered as the Evil that is Lord_Tridus rained supreme over the war torn, mined out, and decimated lands of Heartwood. You know what? He can have the land now, it is worthless after what we did to that planet.

As I made my escape in my shuttle, watching his evil Battlecruisers decimate my last Nexus, I knew the battle was way out, with many things I could have and should have done. But I could not worry about that now. It was a learning experience. And I know I will meet this Evil Tyrant again someday. The day may be his, but I and the Kali still survive…

Saturday Night Gaming Battle Report--The Evil Tyrant - Sid6.9 - 2000-03-05 00:00:00
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