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Eergh your very optimistic arent you?

Author: lil bo shepherd ()
Date: 2000-05-02 00:00:00

If your patient, they will come.
#1. Make a sense of community. Give it some more time. Whenever anyone new comes to post at all it is IMPERATIVE that you reply to their posts, and that you make sure everyone isnt rude to that person at all, unless they deserve it. Be nice to that person, and theyll have a sense of "belonging" i think i am kind of rambling here and going on about nonsense because i cannot think right now, but i dont know. If this makes no sense please ignore it i am not even looking at the computer screen right now i am looking at the carpet thinking about ym new "ice robe" on ultima online.

MY name is lil bo shepherd
dont call me lil bo dullard
dont call me little bo sheep
my name is lil bo shepherd

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