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"What do you mean? Just because there's one hundred pounds of smokepowder in this boat doesn't mean they'd possibly target it with a fireball spell!" Said to the party in a ship-to-ship battle before the Mage on the other side cast Create Flame inside the hull.
- Ian Petley
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Um, you've posted here before. Plus other shocking information INSIDE!

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-05-01 00:00:00

I just had to post something.

Like I said: You've actually posted before. But yeah, posting is always good, hehe.

I am the evah l lord of infinite grapes.

I think we both know that's a lie. You're not the evahl lord of anything.

And I won't consider you anything CLOSE to evahl until you've bragged about this amazing feat in front of CWAL's one and only GAVAL. If you can survive him and his oh-so-wacky antics, give me a call.

School rhymes with buttercrunch candy.

No it doesn't. If you were evahl you'd know that much, now wouldn't you?

Reply to this so i have somebody to talk to.

Capitalize the letter "I" in that sentence and you have a date!

MY name is lil bo shepherd
dont call me lil bo dullard
dont call me little bo sheep
my name is lil bo shepherd

I never got this. What the HELL does it mean? Hehehe.

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