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ok, the newsboard infobox is now up and running.

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-05-01 00:00:00

Of course anybody with it enabled would already know that since it would have just turned on, but I don't think anybody has it on. :-)

Its configured to show the most recent five headlines, and should link you directly to said story. There is a link to the full newsboard in the infobox as well.

Those of you around for the SW.net version of this script will recognize a lot of it. This version, while not quite done yet, features far better user auth (the forums system actually), far more customization because it takes properties from colorschemes just like everything else does (talk to your scheme maker to fix any lousy colors), and such neat things as categories (with no icons yet, that'll be fixed though), and the little department thing, which is optional if the person who posts the story wants to use it. I got that from Slashdot, which is cool. :)

Anybody else is also free to link up the headlines if they want to, they are stored in miniheadlines.txt, at least until I figure out how to make an RDF version.

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