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(Post box Story)I swear! It was all a big misunderstanding!

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-04-30 00:00:00

*On the bridge of the USS Riptide, Psycho Sam! is sitting in the captains chair, laughing to himself. He decided that it was time to go and show the BandWidth what he had done. This time BandWidth would pay. He would learn his lesson about underestimating Psycho Sam! Once Sam had made up his mind about taking off, he realized that he had no clue how to fly the ship*

Psycho Sam!- Computer! How do I take off?

Cynthia- My name's Cynthia, and I don't like you.

Sam- Fine, I've had plenty of computers that don't like me. Just take off.

Cynthia- No. Uncie BandWidth told me not to listen to you.

Sam- Fine, cna I talk to the klingon computer? Maybe it'll be more cooperative. Aww, never mind.

*Sam takes a small cellular phone out of his pocket and calls his lab*

Sam*into the phone*- Lou? HI, it's Sam. Yeah, I'm fine, you? That's great. Say, could you bring Pal up here? He doesn't want to come? Well, make him come, I don't like talking to this ships computer. What do you mean Pal's integrated into the labs systems? Can't you back him up or something? See, if you just sit and think about these things, a olution iss bound to pop up. And bring PsychoBot2 with you. Oh, and Fabuloso too. I don't care if he's starting to rot and stink, just bring him up here! OK, Bye. *hangs up*

Sam- Geeze... It's so hard to find good help these days.

*About 5 minutes later, Crazy Lou walks onto the bridge carrying a large computer system. He then proceeds to hook it into the main computer terminal*

Sam- OK Pal, how are you doing?

Pal- I'm feeling horribly wretched today, why did you hook me up to this other computer? She's so terribly cheerful.

Sam- Hey Cynthia, you still there?

Cynthia- Yep, I'm here. Who's that mean computer that keeps talking to me? He's saying nasty words.

Sam- Never you mind. Why don't you take a nap whie Uncle Sam talks to the nasty computer. I'll see if I can talk him into being nicer. *grins*

Cynthia- Sorry, but I'm not supposed leave you alone.

Sam- Fine fine. Pal, do you have control of the system?

Pal- No I don't. Leave me alone for a while and I should be able to do something about it.

Sam- Good. Lou, you and me are going to get something to eat.


*Just outside Blizzard Headquarters, Tridus, rRaminrodt, BandWidth and Edge are standing around looking very worried*

BandWidth- Well that's just great. We've lost communication with the ship. What else could go wrong?

*As if acting on BandWidth's words, a couple of zombies stumbled their way down the street towards the group*

rRaminrodt- You had to ask, didn't you? Hey Tridus, can't we do somehting about that virus? Didn't you have the antidote on cd or something?

Tridus- Yeah, but Sam took it. He said that he wanted my pie recipe. I can't beleive that he tricked me like that. I never knew Sam could be that cunning. He must have been planning for this all along.

*In the mess hall of the USS Riptide, Psycho Sam! and Crazy Lou were sitting around a very klingon table, eating some pie*

Sam- Man, that's a great recipe. I'll have to thank Tridus for letting me borrow it. Say Lou, how do you think they're doing on that virus problem?

Lou- Umm, I don't think they've been able to do all that much about it. You do have tha anti-virus Sam.

Sam- What are you talking about. Tridus has it on cd.

Lou- But you borrowed that cd, remember? It's the one with the pie recipe on it.

Sam- Dagnabbit, I didn't actually mean for them not to be able to solve the problem. I just wanted them worried a bit. That's all. I'll have to give the cd back to Tridus. Yep, that's what we'll do. Come on Lou. Let's get that cd back to them.

*Sam picked up the cd with the wonderful pie recipe on it and, followed by Crazy Lou, he walked off the ship and towards Tridus*


The end? Nope. Someone else continue this.

I am Sam!
Psycho Sam!
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