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(Post Box Storee) The Great Escape

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-30 00:00:00

The Great Escape

[Blizzard HQ.]

(TPark and GFraizer brought SM_007 into an empty office, and began tying him to a wooden chair with some old rope.)

TPark: Now, who are you? What's your name?

GFraizer: Yeah! Tell us everything you know! Are you with CWAL?

(SM_007 looked up at GFraizer, coldly. He didn't feel to be in danger. Not with these two buffons.)

SM_007: No.

GFraizer: Liar!

(GFraizer slapped SM_007 accross the face. SM_007 felt the rage brewing inside of him.)

SM_007: Just let me go.

TPark: Ha! Why should we do that? You were sneaking around in our alley, and we wanna know why, mister!

SM_007: I am here for a higher purpse. Let me go and I'll be saving your lives.

(TPark and GFraizer laughed.)

GFraizer: Yeah, whatever. If that's true, tell us why.

(SM_007 just stared straight ahead.)

TPark: I'm gonna get a coke. C'mon, let's let this guy sit here for a while and think about talkin' to us.

(GFraizer and TPark left the room, slamming the door shut behind them.)

SM_007: Idiots. Damn idiots.

(SM_007 closed his eyes and concentrated. Because of them, he was left with no other choice.)

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(Tridus walked back and forth in the alley, thinking aloud.)

Tridus: Can't track SM_007, but he must have been near the bomb if he was out here at all. Damn, what can I do?

(Tridus began to stroll out of the alley and back onto the street, when he saw three transporter beams at the corner.)

Tridus: Crap!

(Tridus jumped back in the alley.)

Tridus: I guess I'll have to speed this search up. Wait...I wonder...

(Tridus quickly ran around to the front of Blizzard HQ, opened the door, and went inside.)

[Down the street from Blizzard HQ.]

(BandWidth, Edge and RStefan01 had just beamed down, and were walking towards the building.)

Edge: So, our scanners show that the bomb was under the building. Should we just check the sewers?

BandWidth: Well, it's either there or it's in Blizzard's basement. Getting into the basement wouldn't be so easy.

RStefan01: If need be, I can go into the basement alone. It may be too risky for you two.

BandWidth: Nuts to that! We stick together!

(rRaminrodt, huffing and puffing, ran up to the Riptide crew.)

Edge: rRaminrodt! Why aren't you on the ship? What's going on?

rRaminrodt: It's SM_007! He's...not on the ship. He must be down here somewhere!

(BandWidth's eyes went wide.)

BandWidth: We don't have time for this stuff! Dammit, why does he do this?

rRaminrodt: I don't know, but we need to find that bomb before he does whatever he is planning on doing!

BandWidth: Agreed. Who is on the ship right now?

rRaminrodt: Tridus is going to look after it.

BandWidth: Okay, he should be good, at least for a little while. C'mon, let's go to Blizzard HQ!

(The four men began running down the street.)

[Blizzard HQ office.]

(GFraizer and TPark slowly opened the door, and walked in the office. As they did so, they noticed that SM_007 was standing in front of them, grinning.)

GFraizer: Oh, look! The boy scout got out of his--

(SM_007 lifted an arm, and sent GFraizer flying out of the room with a single thought. GFraizer crashed into an opposite wall, unconscious.)

TPark: What the hell is--?

(TPark was interrupted by SM_007 leaping into the air and coming down hard against TPark's neck with a swift kick. TPark gagged and fell to the ground.)

SM_007: Now, if you'll excuse me...

(SM_007 began walking out of the room when TPark grabbed his ankle. SM_007 looked down.)

SM_007: No.

[Blizzard HQ lobby.]

(Tridus walked in, looking around. A secretary ran up to greet him.)

Secretary: Hi, sir. Um, may I help you with something?

Tridus: Yes, I was wondering if your people saw a certain person I am looking for.

Secretary: Sorry, no. No one has come in today.

(Tridus held up Sashie's screen, a picture of SM_007 on it.)

Tridus: Are you sure you haven't seen this man?

(The secretary took a step back, as if suprised, and then took a step back and shook her head.)

Secretary: No, no, sorry. No, I haven't seen that man. Sorry. Good day...

(As the secretary began walking away, Tridus noticed several riot guards running down a hallway behind her desk. He could hear screaming coming from the other end of the hallway. Tridus caught up with the secretary, who was walking away.)

Tridus: What's going on over there?

Secretary: Oh, um, nothing. You have to evacuate the building now, please.

(Tridus shrugged and began backing out slowly.)

Tridus: Guess there's nothing we can do right now, Sashie...

(As Tridus was getting close to the door, he noticed a guard fly out of the hallway, SM_007 on top of him. SM_007 was bearing his teeth in anger, almost fomaing at the mouth, as he pummled the man relentlessly.)

Tridus: SM!

(SM_007 snapped out of his rage and looked up to see Tridus at the other end of the lobby.)

SM_007: Tridus! The bomb! We have to--

(SM_007 was tackled by several guards, who piled up on his back.)

SM_007: Mmph! No, dammit!

(Tridus began to run over to help SM_007, when suddenly SM_007 leaped upwards, even with the wait on his back, and forced the guards to crash into the ceiling and tumble back down to the earth. Tridus observed in shock.)

Tridus: Oh no. Don't tell me this is possible...

(Tridus ran over to SM_007, who was getting to his feet.)

Tridus: SM! How the hell did you manage that? I thought you lost your--

SM_007: There's no time for that now! We need to find the bomb!

(SM_007 dashed out the door to Blizzard HQ, followed by Tridus.)

[Outside of Blizzard HQ.]

(BandWidth, rRaminrodt, RStefan01 and Edge approached the alley.)

BandWidth: Okay, me and Edge will go into the alley and find a manhole. RStefan01, you and rRaminrdot will--

(Tridus and SM_007 came running out the door. The team looked on in shock.)

Tridus: Oh, right. SM, I meant to tell you that the crew...

BandWidth: What the hell is going on here?

(Tridus sighed.)

Tridus: I am not gonna lie. I let SM_007 off because he can help find the bomb, and--

SM_007: Dammit, I don't have timed for this!

(SM_007 flipped into the air, over the team, and landed in front of the alley. He ran dashed inside at a high speed, followed by the others.)

SM_007: It should be right...

(SM_007 reached down, felt around, and then picked up something no one could see.)

SM_007: Here!

(He held out his hands to the other members.)

SM_007: Here's the bomb!

(Everyone blinked.)

SM_007: It's cloaked. Trust me, this is it. We'll get it on the ship and difuse it. If worse comes to worse, we'll blast it into the sun.

(BandWidth smiled.)

BandWidth: Good job, SM. Sorry for doubting--

SM_007: There's no time! Get this onto the ship!

BandWidth: Sure.

(BandWidth looked up towards the sky, ready to speak, then looked back at the others.)

BandWidth: Wait, who do I hail? Who is left on the ship.

(Everyone looked at each other.)

Tridus: Just ask Cynthia to beam us up. She'll do it.

BandWidth: Got it.

(BandWidth looked up and spoke.)

BandWidth: Computer, beam us all up, please!

(There was no response.)

Tridus: That's odd. Ask for Cynthia, then.

(BandWidth shrugged.)

BandWidth: Okay, Cynthia, please beam us up, then!

(There as no response, still. Nervous glances made the rounds.)

BandWidth: What the hell is happening up there?

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(Psycho Sam! sat in the captain's chair, and smiled.)

Psycho Sam!: Finally...I am getting a chance to pilot this thing! Mwa haw haw haw har har!

Cynthia: Let me contact the team! Please!

Psycho Sam!: No! I want to let them know I am in charge now! I want to see them sweat, and beg, yes beg me to let them back on my ship!

Cynthia: You're a weirdo!

Psycho Sam!: Tee hee hee!

To be continued!

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(Post Box Storee) The Great Escape - SM_007 - 2000-04-30 00:00:00
-hehehehehe. now all we need is for Cynthia to kick Sam's ass, and all is well. :) - Tridus - 2000-04-30 00:00:00
--Hopefully, she can. Right now she seems to be under Psycho Sam!'s insane authority... - SM_007 - 2000-04-30 00:00:00