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(storytime kiddies) 'Damnit Sashie, I'm a technician, not a search dog!'

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

(note: This picks up with the revised version of Psycho Sam's story after a bit of confusion, so Tri is out searching for SM right now)

Sitting on a bench in Irvine, California, Tridus sighed and looked around. He didn't like this area, for a lot of reasons... for starters, it was all concrete. Concrete looks really lousy, and is just horrible on the feet when your wearing outdoor boots meant for walking around the rugged winter terrain of Northern Quebec. The people weren't very friendly... sure, they didn't shoot you when you walked by like was the American stereotype, but they weren't eager to be helpful either. The city was so damn huge, he had no idea of where to look... then sun was too hot for someone so used to living in a cold climate.

He figured that the problem of having no idea where to search was the source of his bad mood right now though. Try as they might, he and Sashie had no idea how to look for a person in a city. A campsite in a forest, maybe. A place to fish, possibly. Area to run fibre optic lines, you bet! But this... well this was borderline hopeless.

"Sashie... what do we know about where he's been?"

"He beamed from the ship into that one neat building on the other side of town."


"Thats all we know daddy."


"Sashie, I want to talk to Cynthia."

"She's on the ship daddy."

"I know that sweetie." Tridus takes out his phone and hooks it up to his laptop. "Call her."


After a moment, the transmission lights go into a steady rhythem.

"Cynthia, do you know of any distinguishing characteristic of SM_007 that your sensors could pick up in this city?"

"Sorry uncie Kylin, I don't know very much about uncie SM, so I can't really tell you."

"*sigh* Alright... well then can you scan for the site-to-site transport activator I gave him?"

"Yes uncie Kylin."

Tridus reminded himself again to reprogram the computer to stop calling him that. "Ok, do it, and give Sashie a map of how to get there from here."

"Ok uncie Kylin... done. Sashie I wanna come play too!"

"Thank you Cynthia, you can play later." Tridus pressed "End" on the phone and the call terminated. He then put away the phone and went to looking at the map, which was fairly straightforward.

Getting up, and cursing his sore feet, he walked along the sidewalks of Irvine following the map being displayed on Sashie, which drew more then a few odd looks from passersby.

After about twenty-three minutes of walking, he stopped in an alley and looked around. Sure enough, sitting on the ground, was the transport activator... with no sign of SM.

Tridus picked it up and sighed. Well, at least he knew that at some point SM had been here.

"Next time, I'm getting a GPS Tracking Implant put into anybody I let leave the ship." Tridus declared to nobody in particular.

"Now what daddy?" Sashie asked.

"I don't know..." was the only answer he had for his daughter at this point.

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

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