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*Smacks Psycho Sam!.* ARGH!

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

How the HECK is this supposed to fit into my story? When my story had ended, the crew was on the surface, searching for the bomb (and that includes BandWidth), which they had located underneath Blizzard HQ (in a sewer, to be exact, though SM_007 had found the little thing right before they beamed down, which is why he was holding onto it in an ally). The crew didn't know SM_007 was missing, but good old rRaminrodt was going to beam down and warn them, as was Tridus (to go and find SM_007 so he could get the heck outta there - at least giving him enough time to plan out some alibi, hehe). Your story doesn't seem to acknowledge anything that happened in my story. So, um, what's up with that?

Also, I don't think the Klingon Bird of Prey had intercoms. Just a little tidbit of information for ya. In my story, rRaminrodt just spoke aloud, and Cynthia, the computer's AI, automatically knew he was trying to talk to Tridus and had them connected over a PA system.

Oh, and do you REALLY have to use keys and whatnot from the Resident Evil games? They do, after all, already know where the bomb is. You are only makin' things more complicated and that means we won't be able to save Irvine in time. But, see, we HAVE to. Eliminating Irvine means that there won't be any CWAL in our stories, there won't be any Blizzard in our stories, and essentially, the entire city and its potential adventures will be scrapped. In essence, we will be limiting ourselves, and in this case, I don't want to kill off possibilities. So, if you're gonna use random and odd plot devices, I am cool with that as long as you aren't purposely trying to make it so in the stories we can't stop the bomb from going off.

I think that's it. I hate to nitpick, but in THIS case...

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