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(Storyverse Story) 'Get off my bridge!'

Author: Psycho Sam! ()
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

*Once again, the Riptide community was searching for a bomb. It seems that most strange occurences around here seem to begin by searching for a bomb, but maybe that's just a coincidence. Wandering around, seemingly randomly, in the bowels of the Bird of Prey that was the new Riptide headquarters was Psycho Sam!, looking somewhat annoyed.*

Sam- Dagnabbit, BandWidth promised me use of the ship, and now he's going back on his promis for what? A bomb threat? There'll be plenty of those to keep them busy... Why did they have to take interest in this one? Dammit, I'm gonna go talk to BandWidth about this. He's gonna get a peice of my mind, I tell you what...

*On the Bridge, BandWidth is using the ships computer to try and locate the bomb when a light ligts up on his command console. He presses a button and Edge appears on the viewscreen.*

BandWidth- Any luck on finding that bomb?

Edge- No, but we did find a key with a note attached to it.

BandWidth- What does the note say?

Edge- It just says "Clock Tower- Diamond Key". We're not yet sure what it means.

BandWidth- Hmm, anything else?

Edge- In one of the buildings, we found a very heavy metal door with a card key reader. I've got some people looking for the card key to go with it.

BandWidth- Hmm, this is starting to sound like a very complicated puzzle... I hope we can solve it in time.

Edge- You and me both. Edge out.

*The screen went blank just as Psycho Sam! walked onto the bridge*

Sam- OK BandWidth, we've got to talk!

BandWidth- Dammit, I don't have time for this Sam. Either help us find the bomb, or leave me alone. It's your choice, but...

Sam- You promised me that if I held the ninjas off, you would let me use your ship. Now, either you let me use the ship, or i'll make you let me use the ship!

BandWidth- That sounded like a threat. Threatening the president is against the law. I think I'll have to send you to the brig. *BandWidth began to smile*

Sam- Not this time BandWidth! I knew you wouldn't let me use the ship right away, so I sent a message to my lab before I came up here. At this moment, I have Crazy Lou flying above the city in a helicopter ready to dump a large amount of the 'Z' virus into the cities water supply. IF you don't let me use the ship, I'll make him push the button. And to show that I'm serious, I've already released the virus. If you want the anti-virus, you'll HAVE to let me use the ship!

BandWidth- What??? You're insane! Get off my bridge! *BandWidth quickly turns on the viewscreen. On the screen is Tridus, who seems to be working on Sashie*

BandWidth- Tridus, we have a situation here. Psycho Sam! has released the 'Z' virus into the towns water supply. We need to do something about it quickly! Do you still have that cd with the antidote on it?

Tridus- My god! He's insane! A couple of days ago, Sam asked if he could borrow it for the recepe on it. I had no idea he had this planned. We've got to do something about this, before the virus infects anyone.

BandWidth- Well, keep looking for the bomb. There's no point in saving the people of Irvine if they're going to blow up anyway. I'll get someone else to get the antivirus. Send RStefan01 back here immediately.

Tridus- Sure thing. Oh, and I found a key. The note attached to this one says "Clock Tower- Ruby Key". I assume Edge told you about the diamond one, right?

BandWidth- Yes. Get going on that bomb.

*BandWidth pressed a button and the viewscreen went blank. RStefan01 walked onto the bridge carrying Psycho Sam!*

Sam- You're going to regret this! BandWidth said I was not to be on his bridge! He's going to be mad at you!

RStefan01- BandWidth, Do you want me to take Sam here down to the brig for questioning?

BandWidth- Yes, make sure he cracks. We might have to leave him in there. We don't want him doing somehting like this again.

RStefan01- Yes sir.

*RStefan01 carries Psycho Sam! off the bridge, but on the way to the brig, a cloud of smoke appears, and when it was cleared, RStefan01 noticed that he was holding a broom with a plaid shirt wrapped around it, not a stick figure. RStefan01 walked to the closest intercom*

RStefan01- We have a problem Mr. President. Psycho Sam! has escaped.


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