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Something that can be taken seriously

Author: styx ()
Date: 2000-04-29 00:00:00

We all know about MS's monopoly, and the things it has brought on us, but there is something else amiss. During my time programming, I have talked with people in AVP companies, and I have some very disturbing news..

You see, as you know, AVP companies like Symantec make millions. Now that isn't bad, they are big companies, with big bills. But thier money isn't honest. How do I know this? Well..from "researching" things, I have found things that would make your eyes pop. For one, isn't it odd, that they find these viruses so easy, with thier finding far outweighing the call-ins for virus reports.

Now, viruses are a good job security, and they make the company money for people will have to buy thier products to protect themselves. Now isn't it odd, that they say "THis product will find more thatn 95% of the viruses out there, and more with updates"?

Well guess what, AVP companies MAKE these viruses to make more money. But here's the thing, no one can prove it, but trust me, from what some employees say, one was a "virus engineer". He told me they would modify small viruses for different execution patterns. These viruses are a fitting description of a virus, annoying, not destructive. But now, we have these viruses you don't even have to open to infect you.

Well wake up folks, AVP companies pay hackers to make these viruses, and know what, the company get's 10 fold what it payed, and sometimes, just sometimes the hacker messes up making a mistake of attacking with it. It isn't the government that finds these people, it's the avp companies narking on them. That's right, narkin' on the hackers that made the virus for them.

Scary isn't it? But it's great job security for the companies... isn't it odd they find these hackers so easily? These hackers aren't stupid, none are...the AVP's just nark.

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