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(POST BOX STOREE) The Simplest of Solutions

Author: SM_007 ()
Date: 2000-04-28 00:00:00

The Simplest of Solutions

[USS Riptide bridge.]

(BandWidth leaned back in his captain's chair, and waited. Finally, a voice spoke up over the intercom.)

Tridus: Alright, we should be ready to go now, sir!

BandWidth: Great! RStefan01, if you may...

(RStefan01 nodded and turned towards a control panel. A bird's eye view of Irvine appeared on the viewingscreen.)

BandWidth: Excellent! Now, are the scanners working properly?

RStefan01: Yes. They are functioning at full capacity, as well.

(BandWidth smiled.)

BandWidth: Okay, then! Scan for thermonuclear radiation.

(RStefan01 nodded, and once again turned around and faced the control panel. After several seconds, he turned back towards BandWidth.)

RStefan01: There is a faint signal, just underneath Blizzard's building.

(BandWidth jumped to his feet.)

BandWidth: That oughta teach her! Okay, let's get ready to transport down, then.

(BandWidth walked briskly off of the bridge, followed by RStefan01 and Edge.)

[SM_007's quarters.]

(rRaminrodt approached the door to the room. He pressed the button, and there was no response.)

rRaminrodt: Odd. Maybe he really is getting isolated and weird.

(rRaminrodt pressed the button again, and still, no response.)

rRaminrodt: Computer, locate SM_007.

(The voice of a little french girl responded.)

Cynthia: SM_007 is not onboard the Riptide, Uncle rRammy!

(rRaminrodt frowned, and then spoke into the air.)

rRaminrodt: Tridus, SM_007 isn't on the ship!

(A voice replied over the PA system.)

Tridus: Oh. That's. Odd.

rRaminrodt: We're the only ones on the ship! We could be in danger! Hell, the team could be in danger!

Tridus: Well, I'm sure that he--

rRaminrodt: We can't take any chances. You stay up here and watch over the ship. I'm going to go down.

Tridus: Um, negative, let me search for him.

rRaminrodt: No need! I can configure a scanner to search out his lifesigns. I'll warn the team and we'll all look for him.

(Tridus sighed over the PA system.)

Tridus: Okay, go. I'll remain here.

rRaminrodt: Got it. Over and out.

[USS Riptide engineering bay.]

(As soon as the chatting had ended, Tridus looked at Sashie.)

Tridus: Like hell I'm gonna stay here. We'll go down and find SM_007 first.

Sashie: Yay! Like a game!

(Tridus smiled.)

Tridus: Sure. But we have to find SM and get him back in his room without anyone seeing us.

Sashie: Hehe, no problem, daddy!

(Tridus picked Sashie up, still smiling.)

Tridus: I hope so.

[In an ally beside Blizzard HQ.]

(SM_007 leaned against the wall, and sighed. He appeared to be holding something in his hand, but nothing was there.)

SM_007: Damn this is cloaked. And tiny. Ugh, this might take a while. I'll bring it back to Tri--

(Two figures approached from behind SM_007. He turned around and saw who they were.)

GFraizer: Hey! What are you doing here, you?!

TPark: Don't waste time! He's probably another CWALer! Get him before he runs off!

(GFraizer and TPark charge at SM_007.)

SM_007: No, wait, I have a bomb in my hand!

(They look at his cupped hands, nothing in them. They laugh and pummel him.)

SM_007: Let me up, you goons! You have to believe me! It's a bomb!

GFraizer: He's nuts. He must be a CWALer.

(TPark and GFraizer laugh as they drag SM_007 into Blizzard HQ.)

SM_007: No, dammit! You don't understand! No one else will find it!

(The front door to Blizzard HQ slams shut as SM_007 is brought inside.)

To be continued! Hopefully, by someone ELSE!

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