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Of course the FAQ isn't 100% correct. Much of it is devoted to describing opposing viewpoints on key questions. For example, consider the 'Who killed Asmodean?' entry. Numerous theories are presented, but at most one of them is correct and the rest are wrong -- unless Asmodean was killed by a posse consisting of various Forsaken, Myrdraal, darkfriend Aiel, Padan Fain, and Bela.
- Bill Garret (Wheel of Time FAQ)
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coo foo

Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-28 00:00:00

On 4/28/00 at 11:25 Tridus wrote:

  1. The exact same form is used for both previewing and first writing the message, so its easier to maintain (and consistant)
  2. You can now add a signature while your previewing your message as well as when first making it, although the checkbox is by default off on a preview (so you'll have to turn it on yourself if you want to do it).
  3. The NT flag now over-rides the Use Signature flag and sigs will not be added to NT or Auto-NT messages. (kinda pointless to have a sig in a no text message really, especially since this script allows blank message bodies)
  4. The preview now uses the original posted text rather then converting the message to print it, and then converting it back to put it into the post box.

>Its also a lot smaller, and seems to be a bit snappier when previewing (although a bit slower when posting a new message).
>I should probably also mention that its *NOT* up yet. I need to add the ability to actually post with it first. :-)
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