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(post box yata yata yata) Those who would be tested

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-27 00:00:00

Sitting on the bridge of the USS Riptide, BandWidth was slumped in the Captains Chair, nearly falling asleep. Things were so boring over the last couple days, nothing was going on except from the occasional communciation from people inside the ship with status reports. Idly pondering weather or not he should send a radio message to Mars and see if the US Millitary had a secret base up there or not, which would be useful information for his Communist adjenda... he was pondering this when an orange light started flashing on a console in front of him. Looking at it, BandWidth gave up trying to figure out what it meant and simply resorted to asking.

"RStefan01, what does that flashing light mean?"

The Cyborg looked at it briefly, then shrugged.

"Gee... well it must mean something, lights don't flash for no..." Suddenly BandWidth got an idea. "Cynthia, what does that blinking light mean?"

The computers french-accented girlish voice responded almost immediately. "Incoming subspace communication uncie BandWidth."

"Uncie Bandwidth? yech... alright... can you put it on the screen or whatever?" Bandwidth wondered when the subspace radio had been fixed, last he heard it was in a state of disrepair.

"Sure uncie Bandwidth! Its an audio transmission only."

The computer beeped a couple of times, and then the light moved to a steady orange.

Bandwidth looked at it, and figured it was time to talk. "Hello?"

From the ships speaker system, a female voice, almost impish in that its owner almost seemed to be laughing at a joke that nobody else understood responded. "Greetings. To whom am I speaking?"

Bandwidth looked at the light. Who was this woman anyway? "I am BandWidth, Captain of this ship, and President of Riptide. Who ar..." before he could finish, he was cut off abruptly.

"Bandwidth... Bandwidth... ahh... yes here is your file... your insignificant, but will serve well enough for my purpose today."

"Now you wait just a minute! Just who do you think y..."

Bandwidth gets cut off abruptly again by the woman, as he starts to get angry. "Shhh... *giggle* you anger so easily, how fortunate. Listen well, oh President of Riptide. I will not repeat myself. I have planted a thermonuclear bomb somewhere in what you would call Irvine, California. There is sufficient information and clues scattered around the city for you to find it, assuming you can prove skillful enough to do so. If not... well, it shouldn't destroy more then a seven mile radius, I didn't use one of my more powerful weapons."

"Are you mad woman!? What do you think your doing!?"

"Why, playing a game of course! I've made the assumption that you people are skilled enough to find it. I always like to test my assumptions. You have until noon on monday before the bomb will detonate, unless of course I get impatient and speed things up."

"Now just a min..." But again, he gets cut off.

"I'll be calling again later to check on your progress my dear sweet President... ta ta... *giggle*"

"Just a!" The orange light disappears, and Bandwidth pounds his fist on his chair in rage at being interrupted so many times and then cut off. How dare she!

"Cynthia, alert the crew that we're going to have a meeting in the mess hall in five minutes."

BandWidth got up and walked off the bridge, followed after a few moments by RStefan01.

Sitting in what passed for a Klingon conference room, Tridus resolved to get more comfortable chairs for this ship. Sure he had them in his quarters, but what good was that when he had to come out here all the time. The meeting itself wasn't doing much to help his mood either.

BandWidth had explained about the bomb and now the group was just deciding what to do about it.

Edge finally asked the obvious question. "What if its a hoax? I mean sure they also have a subspace radio, but that doesn't mean its not just a prank of some kind."

Silent for most of the meeting, Tridus finally spoke up. "Lets find out... Cynthia, scan Irvine for abnormal radioactive signals."

Cynthia was quick to respond. "Sorry Uncie Kylin, I'm not allowed to do that, the other computer won't let me play with the sensors."

Tridus sighed, he hadn't tied the sensor array into Cynthia's systems yet. It took him a moment to notice the rest of the table looking at him.

"Uncie Kylin?" rRaminrodt asked.

"Its an... inside thing... just forget about it."


"Anyway!" Tridus tried to hold some composure. "Sashie, interface with the old computer system and do the scan."

"Ok daddy! ... I don't know, there is no difinitive results. There might be, and there might not be, because the radiation signals could be something else being transported too. I did find some traces that may be the bomb though."

"Thanks sweetie... alright... well, for the sake of everybody there, we should take this seriously then. I really doubt that someone who can communicate over subspace would joke about planting bombs. And if it is a joke, we'll know next time won't we?"

Bandwidth interjected himself at this point. "Yeah, I agree. Alright, then we'll go to Irvine and start investigating."

Tridus got up. "Great, I'll go get SM."

Everyone looked at him oddly, but only Edge spoke up. "Umm, are you crazy? We can't let him loose in a city like that, have you seen him lately? I hate to say it, but I think he's lost it. We need to get him professional help or something."

Tridus sighed and realized they would never see any need for his help, so he simply resigned himself to the fact, at least so far as they were concerned. He execused himself from the meeting with words of "yes yes I agree, alright", and carried Sashie to his room, where he picked up a small black device. He then walked directly to SM's room, which was more accurately a prison, and pressed the button that acted as a doorbell.

and much like last time, he had to wait. And wait, and wait...

He pressed it again, and waited. and waited...

finally he got frustrated and walked towards the door, but it didn't open for him.

"Arghh.. Cynthia, override the lock on this door."

"Okay Uncie Kylin!"

Tridus shook his head and walked in the now opening door, he would really have to reprogram Cynthia to stop calling him that. Looking around the room, he saw SM laying on the bed.





Tridus walked over and poked SM in the ribs, getting a very satisfying grunt.

"Thats better!"

"What is it Tridus?"

"Alright...the basic situation is this. Some crackpot is playing a game with us, and has planted a very powerful bomb, well a nuclear bomb actually, somewhere in Irvine. Apparently there is clues scattered about that would let us find it. It'll go off on Monday or something if we don't find it first. So we're going to go look for it, and I figure you can be of help."

SM looked at the door, then back at Tridus. "They... they're letting me out?"

"Technically? No. They think your crazy or something... I just think you need to get out of this dungeon into the real world doing something useful and then you'll feel better. Besides, although they won't admit it, I'd be willing to bet your the best one on the ship when it comes to this sort of investigating type stuff. Lord knows if its not on the Internet I can't find it without a map."

Sashie chimed in. "You can't find things with a map either daddy!" Both her and Cynthia giggled at that, drawing a perplexed look from SM who had no idea where the second set of laughter was coming from.

"Alright you two, very funny..." Tridus couldn't help but crack a smile, it was pretty accurate. "So SM... I'm asking for help because of the stakes involved here, and offering you a way to get out of this prison to do it. You'll need to keep your movements hidden from the rest of the group though, they don't know I'm doing this." Tridus raised the small black device he had taken earlier from his room and held it up in front of SM.

"This is a site to site transport programmer. You can use it to tell the ship to beam yourself on and off the ship so you can do what you need to without having to ask the bridge to beam you off. If you want to help, its yours."

Tridus held it out for SM, and waited...

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

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