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Author: BandWidth ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

On 4/26/00 at 19:51 rRaminrodt {CB} wrote:

Russell XXXX



>Bank account number:

LOL! Yeah, right.

>Favorite Tonic:


>Favorite Music: (a)My singing (b)Your singing (c)Byron's singing


>Favorite food:

Hmm, perhaps Pizza, although everything else is good too.

>Favourite British spelling of a word:


>Favorite brand of electronics:

*Shrugs again*

>Favorite Starcraft Race: (a)Terrans (b)Zerg (c)Protoss

d) Random

>Favorite book:

Hrm, tough one, but I'd say book(s) "The Death Gate Cycle" - Weis and Hickman

>Favorite Magazine:

PCGamer, Playboy :)

>Favorite Cereal:


>Favorite Deja Vu Experience:
>Favorite Deja Vu Experience:


>Favorite TV channel:


>Checkers OR Chess:


>Pencil OR Pen:


>Calculator OR Abacus:

Calculator, ie: my brain (j/k)

>Binary code OR Hiroglyphics:


>Do you know how to make a paper airplane:


>Favorite President:

ME! :)

>Do you accept COD's:


>Have you ever or will you ever buy one of those
>"Available only on TV" CD offers:


>Do you know the second verse to the National Anthem:

I most certainly do, although we aren't thinking the same nation anthem here I'm pretty sure. Perhaps you should make your question more specific in the future ;)

>Do you believe in ghosts:

Why wouldn't I? I am one

>Do you believe in ghostbusters:


>Who are you gonna call:

The police

>Do you believe in the TV news:


>Do you believe in conspiracy theories:

Some of them, the less wacky ones

>Favorite Deja Vu Experience:


>Do you know how to tell a soft-boiled egg from a raw one (explain):


>Have you ever been abducted by aliens:

I can't remember :)

>What is the hardest class you've ever taken:

Information Processing (aka: computers). Staying insane in that course while we learned to use Word was the greatest challenge of my life.

>Do you have Num-Lock enabled right now:

It automatically enables :)

>Have you ever been in a mental institute:

I am right now

>Have the voices in your head ever told you to escape from
>a mental institute:

Sure, but then I stab them with a Q-tip

> Thank you for taking this survey!

Thanks for wasting my valuable essay writing time. :)
>Quantum Mechanics Society


President and Beloved Leader

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