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(guess I'm in a writing mood lately) Memorial Valley...

Author: Tridus ()
Date: 2000-04-26 00:00:00

Standing at the door to the quarters in which SM_007 was confined to, Tridus stopped.

"Is this a good idea? I mean what if he tries to kill us again?"

Tucked safely in between Tridus' left arm and his side, Sashie responded quietly.

"Its good to talk, then we can go play when everybody is happy!"

Tridus couldn't help but smile. Children were so idealistic at times...

So, unsure of if this was a good idea or not, Tridus pushed what passed for a doorbell on this ship, and waited.

and waited...

and waited...

irritably, he pushed it again.

This time, he got a response.

"Come in."

Walking in the door, Tridus noticed first of all that this room hadn't really been decorated like his. No bright lights, no chairs, no computer parts... it was, sparse... barren... Klingon. Tridus shook his head, this wasn't the kind of place for someone to be locked in.

Looking around for SM, he saw him laying on the bed staring blankly at the metal cieling, indeed... this was a very bad place to be locked up.

"Hi." Tridus finally said. "How are you doing?" The doors closed behind him on his way in.

"Ok... you?" SM sounded very withdrawn, and rather unhealthy at that to Tridus.

"Not bad, not bad at all... kinda, well... claustrophic. I don't like being cooped up in this ship forever."

"Oh... yeah its pretty boring."

"Yeah... so... are you... how are you doing?"

SM didn't respond for a few moments, it looked to Tridus as though he was listening to something. "Ok... would like to... get out."

"Yeah... you don't sound so good."

"... I have a lot on my mind."

"Tell me about it... well, how would you like to get out? There's something... somewhere I want to go. Maybe you'd like to come along?"

SM didn't respond.

Tridus started growing frustrated. "Hello? Are you in there?"

"huh? oh... yeah... yeah sure I'd like to... but I'm not allowed to leave the ship."

Tridus set Sashie down on a small table and took out his cell phone. "Bah, they'll never know you were gone."

SM looked at Tridus. "Well... alright."

"Good, now come over here, and this time don't move around! All that packet loss your moving caused drove up my phone bill last time."

SM slowly got up and walked over to Tridus as he set things up. He then pressed the dial button on the phone, and before long the modem connected. The two people and one laptop could be seen slowly phasing out of reality as they were encoded, and after about five minutes the room was empty.

The pair materialized again inside Tridus' Cottage, which was ever the same as always. Outside a light snow was falling. Inside, it was small, but actually fairly organized. Tridus sighed contently. SM seemed to be listening to something again.

"Sashie sweetie, you stay here and check the newsgroups for anything noteworthy, ok?"

"Ok daddy."

Tridus set the laptop down and walked to the door, stopping in the door way to check to see if SM was following him. Upon verifying that he was (slowly) doing so, Tridus continued out the door and started heading north.

During the walk in the mostly hard packed snow, Tridus tried to start up several conversations with SM, but didn't get anywhere. It was almost as if SM had turned into the recluse Tridus was trying to move away from being... Tridus sighed, but kept walking, there didn't seem to be any way out of this situation right now.

After another twenty minutes or so of walking in relative silence, Tridus walked over a hill and stopped. "Well, here we... hey! Who the hell is that!?"

The valley spread out in front of them contained several evergreen trees, some of which were very large and snow covered, a rocky cliff on one side, gentle sloping hills on the other three. Near the centre of the valley resided a frozen pond, a five foot tall polished rock statue of what looked like a woman, and another woman with long red hair flowing down outside her fur coat. With the noise that Tridus made upon seeing her, the woman turns and sees the pair, says something that can't be overheard by the pair, and then disappears in a flash of blue light.

Tridus looked at SM with a rather shocked expression, then ran down the hill to look around. SM just stood there and watched, again looking as though he was listening to something.

Tridus looked around for a minutes, but then gave up and walked back up the hill to SM, who hadn't moved.

"Damnit! Something isn't right here... I can't see how anybody else could know about this place, let alone people who can just appear and disappear... why don't any normal people ever bother us anyway!?"

SM looked at Tridus. "What is this place anyway?"

"Just... a monument if you will. That statue down there is of Sarah, I had it put here to remind me of her... so I would never forget... and now that the one responsible for what happened to her is dead... well, I need to go tell her that... excuse me a minute."

Tridus walked back down the hill and sat down on the base of the statue, talking in a low voice for a good long while as the snow continued to fall. SM looked on, not really sure of what to do, and at many times, not really caring either.

Eveuntally, Tridus dusted the snow off himself and walked back up the hill. "Ok... we can go now. You seem tired or something..."

"yeah... sorry I'm not talkative... I'm just... yeah, tired..."

"Alright... lets go... I want to tell Sashie what I remember about that woman who was here, maybe she can find something out... its unlikely, but worth a shot."

With that, the two walked back to the cottage in relative silence. Tridus reclaimed Sashie, and the two transported back to the USS Riptide, appearing this time in Tridus' quarters. Tridus then escorted SM back to his room, returned to his own, and began telling Sashie about what he saw in the hope she could find something... but a part of his mind was worried about SM, something was obviously very wrong with him...

very wrong indeed... between that and this strange woman appearing in Tridus' secluded valley, Tridus felt it was a bad omen of things to come...

If there were no words, no way to speak... I would still hear you... - Martina McBride

(guess I'm in a writing mood lately) Memorial Valley... - Tridus - 2000-04-26 00:00:00
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